Students: read those leases

Jan 212002

If you want to afford a two-bedroom apartment in Fort Collins, you’d better be making $14.42 per hour, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition survey. While we in Fort Collins are relatively lucky when it comes to rental costs (compared to Boulder, anyway), CSU students still have to struggle to pay their rent.

With CSU dorms already busting at the seams, most CSU students have to find a place off campus. That makes the competition for an affordable, close-to-campus place that all your buddies can fit into a little hard to find. Usually, at least one of those qualifications has to go in order to find a place within your budget.

When it comes to cost, students usually have to cram in one more roommate, possibly breaking Fort Collins legal statutes, get an extra blanket (or two, or even three) in the winter to keep down heating costs, or, worst yet, rack up even more student loans, which really just postpones the inevitable price tag.

With the continuation of growth in Fort Collins, relief from the housing market might not be in the near future. However, students can still be responsible when it comes to paying for an apartment.

– CSU’s off-campus student services works to help students with issues arising from renting or leasing apartments and houses.

– Student legal services can provide free legal advice for students concerned about their lease.

Also, students should take a more active role in the community in order to help change housing statutes that affect them.

While CSU students make up a good part of the population of Fort Collins, they rarely become active in city issues. There are many other people in Fort Collins focusing on affordable housing, but until students step up and help out, our voices won’t be heard and the prices will keep increasing.

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