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And we’re back. What a break it was. A lot of stuff went down, both good and bad. And really, what better movie to help digest an entire break’s worth of sports than “Dogma”?

Here are a few quotes from this classic flick as they relate to CSU sports while we students were on sabbatical:

“Did you see that !@#$, man? I know they were just kids, but we kicked their &^%$#@ pubeless asses!”

Here’s to the CSU football team and the mean beating it put on the anything-but-Mean Green of North Texas University in the New Orleans Bowl. Yeah, they were 5-6 and they looked more like the Texas State Armadillos from “Necessary Roughness” than a real football team, but that’s still two bowl wins in a row.

“This is why I had to come down here this morning, man? This is why I had to miss my #$%@!* cartoons?”

This goes to the “splendor,” or lack thereof, of the New Orleans Bowl itself. Besides allowing a 5-6 team into a bowl game and letting CSU enter its third straight bowl, the NO Bowl symbolizes much of what has become wrong with college football’s post season (e.g. too many bowls, not enough people who care, too many teams named North Texas involved, etc.).

Partial kudos to the planning committee for at least not making it the my-gumbo-is-better-than-yours .com Bowl.

“Mass genocide is the most exhausting activity one can engage in… next to soccer.”

OK, no real application for this one, but I had to mention it. Funny stuff.

“For their insolence, God decreed that neither Bartleby or Loki would ever be allowed back into paradise.”

“Were they sent to Hell?”

“Worse. Wisconsin.”

The CSU women’s volleyball team deserved a better draw than a third round matchup at the University of Nebraska. A team that finished the season in the top ten should not end up the No. 15 seed in the tournament. A team of the Rams’ caliber should not have to go into one of the more hostile environments in the country to play the No. 2 team in the round of 16.

It’s hard to legitimately gripe about seeding and our ladies played well enough to nearly push the match to five games, but I’ll say this one last time: They deserved better.

(My apologies for the quote. While I’ve never been there, I’m sure Wisconsin is enchanting.)

“I feel like Han Solo, you’re Chewie and she’s Ben Kenobi and we’re in that @#$%^& up bar!”

This is a personal one-to the movie-like experience it was to drive out to Lincoln and watch the volleyball team compete on such an intense stage. Lincoln breathes sports, and the atmosphere in the volleyball arena is as intimidating as it is incredible.

I was literally gasping and clenching my fists on every point of the Rams’ clash with No. 2 Nebraska.

Though it ended up being the last stop on a fantastic season, Lincoln was an experience I will never forget, just as this volleyball team made this past year as unforgettable as any I’d ever had. Thanks for letting me come along on an awesome ride, ladies.

“What, are you insinuating that I don’t have what it takes any more?”

“Insinuating, no. Flat out TELLING you.”

This is to the changing of the guard that went on in Mountain West Conference women’s hoops this past weekend in Provo and Salt Lake City. The Rams went into BYU and Utah: two places where they have been humiliated in recent visits, and laid down the law with 81-64 and 79-68 wins, respectively. They not only started the league season 2-0, but also gave a big proverbial bitch slap to their “prime” competition. Gotta love a good bitch slap now and then.

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