Stopping Childhood Hunger One Student at a Time

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Mar 052013

Author: Nicolle Fagan


No Kid Hungry is a CSU chapter that focuses on helping children have food. Photo by Lauren Martin

There are roughly 75 million children in the United States. Of that number, 16 million kids live under the poverty line and, despite living in one of the richest countries in the world, one in five children in America struggle with hunger.

A new student organization on campus is trying to bring awareness to the Fort Collins community of the hunger epidemic plaguing the nation. No Kid Hungry is a student chapter of the national organization of the same name.

“We are a group of students who are advocating and fundraising for the national non-profit No Kid Hungry,” said Mindy Campbell, president of the student organization. “We do anything from volunteering to asking for donations to spreading the word about hunger in America.”

The national non-profit pledged to end childhood hunger by 2015 by educating families, changing legislation, and bringing national awareness to the problem. For the past eight years, the organization connects kids to nutrition programs, like school breakfast and summer meals, and empowers low-income families to stretch their food budgets to get their children nutritious meals at home.

CSU’s chapter of No Kid Hungry started early last semester to assist the national organization’s goals in Northern Colorado. Despite a small membership, the group has large plans to improve the local community.

“This semester we are looking into bake sales and a restaurant crawl,” said Recruiting and Marketing Officer Jessie Salus. The restaurant crawl would involve participants visiting local restaurants to sample food for a small cost. All proceeds would be donated to No Kid Hungry. “We are also looking into a food recovery program, but that one is unfortunately on halt right now.”

In addition to their planned events, No Kid Hungry volunteers with established organizations La Familia and the Growing Project. Like any other start-up organization, the biggest challenge is gaining campus awareness and motivating students to participate.

To get involved, interested students can find No Kid Hungry on RamLink or email Mindy Campbell at The group meets every other Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at Momo Lolo’s Coffee House off W. Elizabeth St.

The rewards from joining No Kid Hungry are undeniable for Vice President Sarah Ehrlicher. “[No Kid Hungry] allows us to be a part of Fort Collins community,” said Ehrlicher. “And it lets us tackle the problems where we can see them.”

The problem of childhood hungry is here: in America, in Colorado and in Fort Collins.

“It’s not that hard to make a difference,” said Campbell. “This is a problem we can fix.”