Glee star kicks off Asian Fest at CSU

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Apr 112013

Author: Kelsey Peterson


Harry Shum Jr., also known as Mike Chang from Glee, made a special appearance at a Q & A session at Colorado State University Saturday Apr. 6. The event was the start to CSU’s Asian Fest, a month long celebration full of different activities hoping to bring awareness to Asian American culture. For more information about upcoming activities visit During the interview Shum spoke about his experience in the entertainment industry and how being an Asian American has impacted his career. After moving from Costa Rica to California at a young age, Shum felt as though he had to assimilate to a brand new culture. His first language was Spanish, and growing up he had to learn both Chinese and English. According to Shum, he was bullied as a child and always felt different; then he found the arts. Through the arts he was able to open up and finally feel comfortable in his own skin. He wanted to prove the world wrong and found success through dance and theatre.

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