Feb 022013

In Love With Colorado

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Feb 022013

Goods & Gear: Paracord survival bracelet

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Sep 042012

Author: Allison LeCain

Typical 550 Cord Bracelet

Typical 550 Cord Bracelet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This product is more than just a bracelet – it’s a handy tool for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Rope always comes in handy when exploring outside. Maybe you need to tie your food up in a tree so bears don’t eat it. Maybe you want to attach an inner-tube to the back of your fishing boat. Whatever you need, this bracelet has got your back.  The product unties to provide ten feet of paracord, which could come in handy in any situation, fun or emergency.

$10 at REI


Get in gear: A guide to gear rentals in Fort Collins

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Aug 252012

Author: Kristin Hall

Photo Courtesy of Colorado State University Campus Recreation

The summer isn’t over yet and now that friends are back in town, it’s the perfect time of year to go experience the outdoors, but not having the right gear can be a huge problem for those living on a tight budget that can’t go out and purchase gear. Lucky for all those weekend warriors, Fort Collins has many options for gear rentals that will be easy on the bankroll.

One of the most convenient resources, located on campus, is the Outdoor Program at the Recreation Center. They offer basic outdoor gear that ranges from tents and sleeping bags to rock climbing and snow shoes, and they offer all of this exclusively for Colorado State University students and Rec Center members.

The Outdoor Program has made some big changes to its rental system this year. Instead of paying for each individual rental, students can purchase monthly or semester passes and rent an unlimited amount of gear. Also, the Program has bought more gear and moved their desk. Rentals now go through the Rec Center service desk, allowing students to rent gear any time the Rec Center is open.

According to the Outdoor Program Coordinator Eric DeLuca, this change was made to make the whole process easier and less expensive for students.

“To be honest the reason we can offer such low prices is that we aren’t here to make a profit — we are supported by student fees. The goal is to get students outdoors,” said DeLuca.

DeLuca said that though they are a great rental program, they can’t offer everything.

“If you’re looking for technical gear for something like Nordic skiing, we’re fairly limited,” he sad.

If you are looking for more technical gear, no need to fear, there are still more options in town. Jax Outdoor offers a wide range of affordable rentals charged by the day. The first-day rental will run you a bit more but each successive day costs less. And according to Jax employee Mike Engelstad, you can expect the gear you rent to be newer and less worn. Engelstad cautions students to call and make reservations ahead of time to be sure they have gear because it often goes quickly depending on the time of year.

Photo courtesy of Colorado State University Campus Recreation

If you’re looking for a place where the employees are knowledgeable about recreation areas near Fort Collins, Jax is your best bet according to Engelstad.

“People come in all the time talking about where they are going and how their trips went, so the employees know all the best places to play,” he said.

Another option is REI. They offer a wide range of gear for rent and not just purchase. According to REI employee Tegan Plock, it’s a really great deal if you are an REI member.

“Members don’t have to pay the $100 damage deposit and they get a discount on our gear,” she said. Plock notes that they also work well with busy schedules and can schedule pre-pick up and drop off.

No matter what outdoor adventure is calling, Fort Collins has plenty of options to satisfy your wallet and your wild streak.