Secret CSU Cookie Society Selling Cookies with CRU

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Feb 272013

Author: Jack Krause

Closeup of a chocolate chip in a freshly baked...

Closeup of a chocolate chip in a freshly baked cookie, still on the pan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While many delivery services bring food right to your door, a start-up cookie delivery service wants to bring it to you in style. The “Secret CSU Cookie” delivery service was planned to be a new service that brought baked goods to you in a 007 fashion, with couriers wearing all black and sunglasses. Unfortunately, some roadblocks came up along the way.

The idea came to Ana Akana and Cailley Baigini following one of their missions’ trips to Malawi, a South African country notorious for its poverty rate and malnourishment. They felt the benevolent desire to further help by donating to the Malawi Children’s Mission charity. Now all they needed was an idea. They found that since they both could bake, and there wasn’t a current baked goods delivery service for dorms, that the “Secret CSU Cookie” was a good idea. They set out and began delivering, and yet there was an obstacle.

Colorado State’s Sales and Solicitations policy states that what they were doing, though noble, is not permitted. Unlicensed products can’t be sold on campus, particularly food products. “Non-approved vendors will not be authorized to sell or solicit sale of products or services, solicit donations, or hand out or post advertising on campus.” The policy explains this prohibition is due to a lack of regulation. The policy was instated 4 years ago after cases of food poisoning and other related mishandling incidents occurred.

“We should have done this before we started, but we were just eager to start making cookies and getting money as soon as possible… SLiCE was really excited about the idea but they told us that selling homemade goods was against regulation policy,” Akana said.

Down, but not out, they decided to work with CRU, a Christian organization on campus, and are now selling their cookies through the meetings they have every Thursday. So though you may not have them delivered to your door, you can still get some delicious desserts and donate to a good cause.