Summer abroad, don’t mind if I do

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Apr 162013

Author: Cassandra Whelihan

It’s been nearly three years since Rebecca Robinson last took off to travel the world. The expression on her face as she

Rebecca Robinson experiencing the culture of Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Robinson.

Rebecca Robinson experiencing the culture of Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Robinson.

describes her summer plans for Florence, Italy radiates pure excitement.

“I traveled by myself at 19 which was almost three years ago and you get the travel bug the first time you really go out on your own. It doesn’t go away, you’ll be infected with it your whole life and so I’m like, ‘yeah I really wanted to go to Italy.’ I really wanted to live in Italy and just experience it rather than jumping from place to place,” said Rebecca Robinson, a journalism and history double major. “You learn so much about yourself — you learn how much strength you actually have to be independent and to do things on your own. You realize the skills you can pull on when crisis happens, when you get lost. Leaving Colorado is just a really good opportunity to grow as a person, I suggest it for everyone.”

Also leaving Colorado for the summer, Jennifer Robinson prepares to embark on an adventure to Freiburg, Germany. Jennifer Robinson will be practicing her German while taking roughly 12 credit hours.

“We are supposed to speak in German the entire time we are there,” said Jennifer Robinson, a senior German language and international studies double major. “I think that immersing myself in the culture is going to help my speaking skills a lot. So instead of taking these courses at CSU I’m taking them in Germany. I think that I’m going to learn a little more.”

The Study Abroad Program at CSU offers opportunities to travel to almost any country in the world. According to their website, with approval, you may also study abroad through an unaffiliated program or enroll directly at a foreign university.

“We have programs in Prague, in Costa Rica, in Ireland, Japan, in Morocco, in the Bahamas, in Italy — I mean the list goes on. There are some things like advanced language courses in Spain for people studying Spanish or there’s things like criminology or criminal justice in Prague,” said Kayla Rivers, finance major and peer adviser at the Study Abroad Office. “I think summer programs in particular are really important for students who feel like they can’t fit it into their academic schedule, but who want to have that experience and want to be able to see this new country and experience a new culture.”

Mona Lisa frameless

Mona Lisa frameless (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The opportunity to be immersed in the history of unique cultures around the world is extremely moving and powerful, according to Rebecca Robinson.

“When I saw the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum about three years ago, I was just balling my eyes out because I was just so overwhelmed by ‘you know this is actually da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. This is the real deal. I’m standing in the same room as this masterpiece that was painted centuries before by someone I deeply admire,’” said Rebecca. “I’m really excited. I get to see the ‘Birth of Venus’ at the Uffizi Gallery and the Statue of David, so those are like the top two art things in Florence I’m excited about.”

Argentina’s Bergoglio elected as Pope Francis

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Mar 132013

Author: Lena Howland


The white smoke has risen and Pope Francis has been elected after two days of conclave.

Arch Bishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the newly elected pope.

CTV International Reporter Katie Spencer gives an update from Sorrento, Italy moments after the announcement.

CTV News February 27, 2013: Sequestration looming over CSU

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Feb 272013

Author: Lena Howland


Tonight on CTV: A federal sequestration is imminent, leaving some CSU employees and those under federal dollars eagerly waiting for a last minute congressional deal.  The Engineering 2 building is explored as it gets set to finish its long construction next semester.  Sigma Epsilon holds its 15th annual bachelor auction.  Traveling correspondent Katie Spencer reports from Pompeii, Italy.  Sports with Ryan Greene.  Entertainment with Christian Zamora, and weather with Ashley Wallinger.  All this and more with your Wednesday anchors Makenzie O’Keefe and Wayne Stafford.

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A tour of Pompei

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Feb 272013

Author: Katie Spencer


CTV reporter Katie Spencer gives a tour of the ancient city of Pompei. When Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. the city was destroyed and left the ruins of the once great city.