CTV News March 7, 2013

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Mar 072013

Author: Andrew Rodriguez

Tonight on CTV,  we take a look at Holocaust awareness week, an alternative spring break program and recycle mania.  We also take a look at the 7 day weather forecast and men’s basketball.

Gratitude at CSU

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Nov 082012

Author: Olethea Brown


The LSC Plaza had plenty of students lined up yesterday in support of the Presidential Ambassadors gratitude event. For the second year the ambassadors hosted an event to recognize CSU donors who have given to CSU. One of the missions of the Presidential Ambassadors is to educate students on private funding. They did this by having take away pieces to help educate students. Students were able to sign postcards and take pictures that would be sent to the Donors. T-shirts and snacks were also provided to students who signed postcards. Cam the ram came out and took some photos as well. The event lasted majority of the day and had a large student turnout.

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UPDATE: Lundburg reacts to loss, Polis elected for Congress

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Nov 062012

Author: Kaitie Huss

Update: 10:18 p.m.


Republican voters packed the Ptarmigan country club ballroom this evening for the 2012 Larimer County Republican watch party.

In his opening speech, congressional republican candidate Kevin Lundberg noted the achievements of the many involved in his 2012 campaign, especially the efforts made through online and social media outlets.

Said Lundberg:

“If I win tonight, we win tonight.”

According to Debbie Haley, campaign manager for Lundberg, the campaign also owes a lot to CSU students who volunteered and worked through the campaign cycle.

Stay with ctv11news.com for more updates on the 2012 election results.

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CSU student stuck in super storm Sandy and more

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Oct 302012

Author: Kirsten Swanson


Here’s a look at tonight’s top stories on CTV News Channel 11. You can also find them at CTV11news.com.

CSU Student Michael Hanson traveled to Virginia Beach this weekend to look at graduate school and finds himself stuck on the east coast. Airports remain closed because of super storm Sandy. Hanson speaks to us about how bad the storm is and when he will expecting to get back to Fort Collins. The Rocky Mountain Collegian featured Hanson and other students on the front page of Tuesday’s paper. Check out that story by Kate Winkle here.

Producer Note:  We just spoke with Michael Hanson and he has boarded a plane to try and get back to Denver. CTV will followup with him later this week.

CTV Reporter Katie Spencer took a look at one side of CSU that students don’t often see – the haunted side. Different buildings around the Oval are thought to be haunted and Katie has that story.

And CTV Reporter Michael McNulty stopped by a DUI checkpoint location this last weekend.

All these stories, plus up to the minute political coverage from Political Specialist Sean Korbitz coming up tonight.

CTV11 News: October 25, 2012

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Oct 252012

Author: Kari Pills


Weather anchor Kelsey McCallister discusses the chilly weather and snow.  An update on the Jessica Ridgeway case and the recent arrest of 17-year-old suspect Austin Reed Brigg.  Reporter Kyle Howes talks about a possible smoking ban on the CSU campus.  Candidate Contrast brings you this week’s episode, “Women’s Rights.”  CTV reporter Wayne Stafford visits the CSU Jousting Club.  Reporter Olethea Brown attended GUIDE’s tea tasting hosted by Happy Luckys Tea House.  Mel Rose and Ryan Green bring us a special Halloween Celebrity Countdown.

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Get your vote in early at Colorado State and more

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Oct 232012

Author: Kirsten Swanson


CTV Reporter Wayne Stafford previews what stories can be found on ctv11news.com and on Channel 11 at 8pm Tuesday night.

The CSU community celebrates the life of beloved statistics professor Carl Richard Gumina. CTV News will feature the support and the memories that the community has. An update on this story can be found here.

CTV Reporter Katie Spencer visited one early polling location that is conveniented located in the Lory Student Center. Her story is up and can be found here.

And CTV Reporter Michael McNulty rode along with a street sweeping crew in Fort Collins as they prepare to do final sweeps in the next few weeks before the snow arrives.
His story is also up and can be found here.

Tune in to CTV News tonight at 8pm on Channel 11 in Fort Collins or on our website, ctv11news.com.

CTV11 News: Thursday October 18, 2012

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Oct 182012

Author: Kari Pills


Top Story: A Fort Collins gas station is robbed and three people are in local hospitals tonight.  Sophie Vukovich visits India Night for some cultural learning.  Wayne Stafford speaks with New York Times Entertainment Correspondent and Staff Editor, Michael Cieply.  Kelsey McCallister brings you the area weather.  Along with Candidate Contrast, an interview with The Echo Chamber and more…


CTV 11 News: Thursday October 11, 2012

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Oct 122012

Author: Sean Korbitz


Anchor Kirsten Swanson travels to the Fern Lake Fire burn area for a close-up view of the work firefighters are making.  Weather anchor Kelsey McCallister discusses low temps and high-country snowfall. Wayne Stafford examines both sides of the Amendment 64 battle in Colorado.  CTV11 also brings you Candidate Contrast, Journalism Day at CSU and more!

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