Celebrity Countdown says goodbye

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May 062013

Author: Melanie Rose



On this week’s Celebrity Countdown, Melanie Rose and Ryan Greene say goodbye. For this final episode, they give thanks to all the celebrities that made their show possible. If it wasn’t for Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, or Amanda Bynes, this show would have not been such a success. Although Melanie and Ryan will be graduating from CTV this semester, you can take a look down memory lane and watch all of their episodes on ctv11news.com

CTV Sports: April 29th, 2013

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Apr 292013

Author: Andrew Rodriguez

On the last CTV Sports for the Spring semester, we take a look at CSU mens baseball, lacrosse, and track and field.  We also talk about the NFL draft and Denver Nuggets.  Annie Dumbauld takes a look at the 7 day weather forecast.  And finally on In Case You Missed It, we take a look at some of the best sports moments from the last 4 years.

CSU Lately: April 26, 2013

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Apr 252013

Author: Melanie Rose



This week’s episode of CSU Lately is hosted by Melanie Rose and Christian Zamora. This week they fill you in on all the things you can do this weekend. To start, they discuss the “Art and Booze” show going on at City Hall in Denver, Colorado. This event will showcase 75 artists and over 1000 people. This is Denver’s most famous underground art show and one of the best things about it, is the all you can eat pancakes. Then, Melanie and Christian will tell you about a brand new musical coming to Lincoln Center this weekend called, Midtown Men. Everyone is excited for this musical because four of the original cast members are a part of the hit broadway show, Jersey Boys. This musical will consists of 1970’s classics and the tickets are only $35. Finally, they tell you about the exciting Earth Day event happening this Saturday the 27th. This event will have live music, motivational speakers, and plenty of food for everyone to enjoy. No better way to celebrate Earth Day than by spending time with your community with delicious food and sunshine. In addition to the events happening this weekend, Melanie and Christian will introduce many entertainment segments made by CTV reporters. Enjoy!

Gym, Tan, Celebrity Countdown

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Apr 242013

Author: Melanie Rose



This week Melanie Rose and Ryan Greene discuss the latest topics buzzing around Hollywood. First, they discuss how Reese Witherspoon was arrested and handcuffed. Then, they talk about the unfortunate events of the tanning mom, who decided to have a bikini photo shoot on the beach. Then finally, they talk about the horrible reality shows that are taking over television, such as the brand new spin off starting the Situation. Learn about all these stories and more. To watch more episode visit our website at ctv11news.com

CTV Sports: April 22nd, 2013

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Apr 222013

Author: Andrew Rodriguez

Tonight on CTV Sports, we take a look at CSU track and field, men’s rugby, women’s tennis, and  football. We also take a look at the Denver nuggets and Rockies.  Annie Dumbauld talks about the weather forecast for the week.  On in case you missed it, we take a look at some fun soccer, baseball, and football videos.

Movies to watch this summer

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Apr 182013

Author: Melanie Rose



Melanie Rose and Ryan Greene discuss some awesome movies that you can look forward too this summer. First, Melanie will count down the three that she is looking forward too the most, which is Iron Man 3, The Lone Ranger, and Monster University. Then, Ryan Greene’s three choices are Superman, Star Trek, and This is The End. Learn about what all of these movies are about and what Melanie and Ryan think about them. Finally look forward to the end when they take on a rapid fire addition of the celebrities that fell off the face of the earth. To watch more videos, visit our website at ctv11news.com.

How CSU students can eat healthy on a budget

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Apr 172013

Author: Makenzie O’Keefe


Most college students have a small budget and the last thing they want to spend their money on is groceries. But who knew it is actually very simple to eat healthy on a budget if you’re willing to prepare it? The Kendall Anderson Nutrition Center at Colorado State University can help educate students that eating healthy is obtainable even as a poor college student.

Their list to eat healthy for cheaper started with the idea to cut meat out of your diet when possible, choosing eggs or tofu as cheaper protein substitutes. A fun idea to accomplish this is eating breakfast for dinner. The Nutrition Center also suggested purchasing in bulk, cooking and baking your own snacks and treats to avoid chemicals and processed foods, making unique but cheap sandwiches, and purchasing fruits and vegetables that aren’t already precut and packaged.

Most students are unaware of how to eat healthy with limited budgets, drawing them to Ramen Noodles and other processed foods. Eating healthy is essential to our performance and future, so students should educate themselves about the option to eat healthy on a budget. The more you are willing to prepare and search in the grocery store, the healthier options you will find at a cheaper price.

Celebrity Countdown: Let’s Get Weird

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Apr 122013

Author: Melanie Rose



On this episode of Celebrity Countdown, Melanie Rose and Ryan Greene fill you in on all of the weirdest celebrities in Hollywood right now. They will tell you all about why Lady Gaga owns a 24-carate gold wheelchair, why Ke$ha thinks she had eye-sex with Johny Depp, Justing Beibers pet monkey, Jenna Jameson’s violent iPhone, and why Amanda Bynes broke down and cried.