CTV Sports: April 22nd, 2013

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Apr 222013

Author: Andrew Rodriguez

Tonight on CTV Sports, we take a look at CSU track and field, men’s rugby, women’s tennis, and  football. We also take a look at the Denver nuggets and Rockies.  Annie Dumbauld talks about the weather forecast for the week.  On in case you missed it, we take a look at some fun soccer, baseball, and football videos.

OkCupid: A hot spot for college students

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Apr 182013

Author: Kelsey Peterson


According to Statistics Brain, there are 40 million people in the U.S. who have tried online dating, but what is it that convinces so many people to look for a relationship on the Internet? According to Lindsie Livingston, a Colorado State University student who used the site for about three months before deciding to delete it, claims it’s linked to our generation of college students. She said that because of the way in which we use social media, it is hard not to meet people online, so why not? She used a site called OkCupid, which many college students are currently connecting to. Most online dating sites charge a fee, but because of it’s demographic, OkCupid uses advertisers for income instead. According to Find The Best, an online database, the largest percent of users on OkCupid are between the ages of 18 and 34, which is a much younger age group than most other online dating websites. Colorado State University associate professor Patrick Plaisance said that his concern doesn’t stem from the idea of online dating, but rather from the way in which people communicate online. He said people tend to focus so much on themselves that people communicate differently online than they would in person. Plaisance also referred to the fact that because OkCupid is free, advertisers pay for the site, which means they are tracking your every click. “We relinquish that kind of privacy for the convenience of that free service,” he said. “With OkCupid and any other kinds of free service, we have to understand there is nothing that is free.”

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Everyday Explorations: The CSU Bakeshop

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Apr 162013

Author: Kelsey Contouris

Two to four hundred dozen. That’s the number of cookies the Colorado State University Bakeshop doles out to campus dining centers each day, in addition to a wide variety of cakes, pies, doughnuts and other sugary treats. And it all happens from a fairly obscure location – the back of Edwards Hall.

The bakeshop has a separate room for making gluten-free goods.

The bakeshop has a separate room for making gluten-free goods.

As a freshman who eats (and works) at the dining centers, I’m quite familiar with the vast quantity of available desserts. Since I’ve always been curious about where they come from, I finally decided to set up a quick tour with the bakeshop manager, Joan Smith. So while this exploration wasn’t as everyday as the rest, I still found it equally fascinating.

Bakeshop employees prepare dozens of hoagie rolls for Braiden.

Bakeshop employees prepare dozens of hoagie rolls for Braiden’s kitchen.

As you would expect, the first thing that hit me upon entering the bakeshop was the delightful, sugary smell. The second thing was the flurry of activity – just about every area of the kitchen had a staff member or two prepping a different mixture or dough. I found Smith and she began showing me around.

We first passed by a station where banana cream pie was being made, which I noticed in Ram’s Horn later that day. According to Smith, everything goes out fresh each morning – employees arrive as early as 2 a.m. to begin baking breads.

We then stopped by a student hourly who was placing cookie dough onto baking sheets. Seeing as the dining halls have a seemingly endless supply of cookies, I had always wondered whether or not the bakeshop makes them from scratch. Not surprisingly, they don’t – the pre-portioned dough comes from Otis Spunkmeyer and gets baked at the bakeshop (or even at the dining halls if they happen to run out). Because the dining halls order so many cookies, Smith said, the bakeshop itself wouldn’t be able to handle making them all from scratch. They do, however, make some cookies themselves, such as the popular hippie cookie (which happens to be a favorite of mine) sold at Ram’s Horn Express.

Smith showed me a number of other baked goods being made. There were hoagie rolls being prepared that would be sent to Braiden’s dining center, large chocolate chip muffins to be sent to Ram’s Horn Express and T-Dex, as well as cookie bars, tiramisu cakes and chocolate cake – all from scratch. And all of this gets done by a total of nine student hourlies and nine state classified employees.

Freshly baked tiramisu cakes

Freshly baked tiramisu cakes

“We wouldn’t be able to do it without them,” Smith said.

She also told me that students studying food and nutrition sciences occasionally do practicums at the bakeshop, and she said she feels privileged to provide such an experience.

I feel privileged myself just being able to get a firsthand look at where CSU’s delectable treats are crafted. I had never imagined that such a large operation could take place in the back portion of Edwards, let alone practically in secret – I’ve asked several of my friends if they knew where the bakeshop was, and most of them had no idea. But from the wee hours of the morning all throughout the year, CSU Bakeshop employees work their magic to provide campus with its fresh, sugary staples.

CSU Relay For Life

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Apr 162013

Author: Keith Albertson


The 2013 Relay For Life at Colorado State University had more than 700 members signed up to walk all night as a fundraiser for cancer research. More than $55,000 was raised in the event. The participants sign up in teams and relay throughout the night, walking for over 12 hours to raise awareness for cancer research. CSU sophomore and cancer survivor Alyssa Reinhart spoke at the event and recounted her story of losing her right hand to a rare form of cancer.

CSU Rugby beats CU in a Nail Biter

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Apr 152013

Author: Ryan Hillman



This past weekend the CSU rugby team looked to stay undefeated at home against CU and they kept it rollin. CU made it a good game though as it was tied with minutes remaining but Rams senior Ryan Walker saved the day and converted from 40 yards out. Rams compete in D1 playoffs this weekend.


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Glee star kicks off Asian Fest at CSU

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Apr 112013

Author: Kelsey Peterson


Harry Shum Jr., also known as Mike Chang from Glee, made a special appearance at a Q & A session at Colorado State University Saturday Apr. 6. The event was the start to CSU’s Asian Fest, a month long celebration full of different activities hoping to bring awareness to Asian American culture. For more information about upcoming activities visit http://www.apacc.colostate.edu/. During the interview Shum spoke about his experience in the entertainment industry and how being an Asian American has impacted his career. After moving from Costa Rica to California at a young age, Shum felt as though he had to assimilate to a brand new culture. His first language was Spanish, and growing up he had to learn both Chinese and English. According to Shum, he was bullied as a child and always felt different; then he found the arts. Through the arts he was able to open up and finally feel comfortable in his own skin. He wanted to prove the world wrong and found success through dance and theatre.

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ASCSU administration reflects on downfalls and achievements

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Apr 092013

Author: Lena Howland


With ASCSU elections winding down, a new Student Body President will be elected into office on Wednesday, April 10.

One year ago, Regina Martel was elected as the 2012-1013 ASCSU President.

While campaigning, her administration outlined 16 different goals in their Feasibility Report to complete throughout the year.

Overall, they successfully completed more than 50% of their goals including student forums, future construction on campus and keeping blue books free.

They fell short on creating a syllabi sharing website, improving Wi-Fi across campus and implementing a bike library.

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