CSU Bike Sharing Program

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Mar 272013

Author: Makenzie O’Keefe


Sustainability and being green is something Colorado State University has always focused on. A new project being put into place by ASCSU and the city of Fort Collins will help our university withhold these environmental standards. CSU, being a bicycle friendly campus, is looking into working with the city of fort collins to implement a bike sharing network across the city. The primary goals of this project is to provide bicycles for students and resident of Fort Collins that will increase campus accessibility and hopefully relieve campus traffic.

This project will provide kiosks at bus stops and transit centers in which anyone can rent a bike to ride anywhere in Fort Collins. It will also include more bike racks on campus and the option to leave your bike in an overnight locker. With Meridian being closed, the possible on-campus stadium and a lack of student parking already, ASCSU hopes this project will help our university as well as maintain the image of being green. For CTV11, I’m Makenzie O’Keefe.

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Campus bicycle safety

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Nov 012012

Author: Eli Portell


The city of Fort Collins and the CSU community both value bicycles as a major form of transportation. However, with such wide use, comes laws that riders must follow to ensure their safety, and the safety of pedestrians. In an interview with CSU campus police officer Matt Staley, we learned the most common infraction is running stop signs, which leads to safety issues throughout the community. An infraction such as this can lead to a $135 fine through state enforcement. Other things such as registering your bicycle, locking it up, and keeping a light on your handle bars can also improve bicycle safety on campus.