CTV11 News Wednesday April 3, 2013

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Apr 032013

Author: Lena Howland


The cause of the Galena fire of mid-March has been discovered.  President Obama visits Colorado regarding the new gun laws in effect.  Sexual assault month is explored with its seminars on campus.  Entertainment with Christian Zamora, weather with Ashley Wallinger and sports with Ryan Greene.  All this and more with your CTV anchors McKenzie O’Keefe and Wayne Stafford.

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Dr. Jill Biden amps up Fort Collins voters

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Oct 302012

Author: Lena Howland


With less than 24 hours notice, the Fort Collins Obama for America office was notified that Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, was coming to town.

She arrived on Monday afternoon and spoke to Fort Collins voters inside a small Obama for America office off College and Troutman Road.

Biden was introduced by her daughter, Ashley Biden, who said “she has been an inspiration since a very young age.”

The Second Lady pushed healthcare, affordable higher education, and the importance of voting with only a few days left in the election.

Too School for Cool: A lesson on libel for future presidents

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Oct 262012

Author: Allison LeCain

From day one, as a journalism student, I heard professors ranting about libel, libel, and more libel. And yet, the presidential candidates can’t seem to get enough of it.

For those of you not familiar with the term, libel is the publication of untrue, defamatory statements. Now if you ask me, each presidential candidate is guilty on multiple accounts.

First consider the attack ads approved by Romney and Obama. Many of the statements made are taken out of context, making them virtually untrue, or are just completely made up.  Since these false ads can damage the reputation of the other candidate, they are considered defamatory and could be libelous.

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next, think back to the many speeches that the candidates made around the country as they rallied to get votes. Many of the ‘facts’ they shouted out about their competitor weren’t completely true. Libel could apply here again.

Lastly, in the past three debates, (with the exception of Obama on the first debate), both candidates made claims about their opponent’s policies that were skewed to make their opponent sound unappealing. While each candidate had a chance to defend themselves, (even though Obama didn’t during the first debate), the false comments made could surely damage their voter approval.

Clearly this presidential campaign has been jam-packed with libel, but it’s not the first time this has happened. Making false remarks about a presidential competitor has been a trend ever since Washington took the title.

So the true question is, how do they get away with it?

Well, there’s this thing called malice. In order for a public official, such as Obama or Romney, to successfully sue for libel, they must be able to prove actual malice. This means, that the person who published the libelous statement must have had a reckless disregard for the truth and have intended to cause the person harm.

While I think everyone can agree that the candidates know that some of their facts are not true, they are not actually trying to harm the other person. They’re just simply trying to beat them at this election game.

So to all the political science majors out there, or anyone with as aspiration to be president someday, always remember the laws of libel so that you don’t get your butt sued off.

Early voting begins in Colorado

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Oct 232012

Author: Katie Spencer


Early voting began in Colorado on Monday in Colorado, giving eager voters a chance to participate in the election. Larimer County Clerk Scott Doyle said early voting is convenient and easier in the long run. CSU professor John Straayer said his best guess is Larimer County will go Democrat in this election.

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Candidate Contrast Episode 1: The Economy

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Oct 102012

Author: Sean Korbitz


Produced by: Sean Korbitz and Kate Winkle
Original Article by: Kate Winkle

What the candidates say:

“Those of us here tonight can’t solve all our nation’s woes.  Ultimately, our recovery will
be driven not by Washington, but by our businesses and our workers.  But we can help.
We can make a difference.  There are steps we can take right now to improve people’s
lives,” Obama said to a joint session of Congress Sept. 8, 2011.

– Create jobs by out-educating, out-innovating and out-building the global competition
– Invest in education, small businesses, infrastructure and research
– Eliminate tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas and create tax incentives
for businesses bringing jobs back home
– Double exports and create 1 million new manufacturing jobs

“Business and growing jobs is about taking risk, sometimes failing, sometimes
succeeding, but always striving. It is about dreams. … It’s the genius of the American
free enterprise system – to harness the extraordinary creativity and talent and industry
of the American people with a system that is dedicated to creating tomorrow’s
prosperity…” said Romney in his Aug. 30 Democratic National Convention nomination

– Amend the National Labor Relations Act to protect the right of business owners to use
money as they see fit, and guarantee a secret ballot in all union certification elections
– Reverse executive orders that tilt the playing field towards organized labor
– Consolidate federal retraining programs and funding and return management to the
– Raise visa caps for highly skilled workers and grant permanent residency to eligible
graduates with advanced math, science, or engineering degrees

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Politics heating up in Colorado, Romney and Ryan come to try to win swing state

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Sep 262012

Author: Sophie Vukovich

Colorado is a swing state in this year’s election attracting attention from both presidential candidates. After President Obama’s visit a few weeks ago, it’s now the Republican Party’s turn to try and sway.

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is in Colorado today to campaign in hopes of winning over some voters. His first stop is in Fort Collins at Walker Manufacturing where a rally is being held. Later this evening he will be speaking in America the Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has already made stops in Colorado but will be here again soon on his swing state run. According to Foxnews.com he will be here Sunday at a rally in a high school in Denver in hopes of gaining support from Colorado. Recent polls show that Obama is leading 48.5 percent to Romeney’s 44.8 percent. 

After negative responses to Romney’s comment on the “47 percent, his visits are under even more pressure now. After Colorado he will stop in Ohio and Virginia where he is expected to speak  more on his economic plans. This swing state run will be hugely influential with the first presidential debate on Wednesday, October 3rd.

Keep an eye on the Colorado-Ins blog for updates.


Photo cred: Dillon Thomas, CTV11

Line at CSU to see President Obama starts early

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Aug 292012

Author: Kelsey Peterson



Waiting at Colorado State University under Clark by 8 a.m. is an already formed line of eager people awaiting the arrival of President Obama. Nine hours prior to his expected arrival, both students and non-students alike prepare themselves for a long, motionless day under the sun. Unable to bring bags into the venue, various items were brought to the line in an effort to pass the hours. Excitement is building up and these people say it’s well worth the wait.

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CSU students line the LSC Plaza for Obama Tickets

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Aug 252012

Author: Dillon Thomas



President Obama is set to speak on the campus of Colorado State University Tuesday evening. Students lined the plaza as early as 3AM in hopes of getting a ticket to see the President’s monumental speech.

CTV was on scene to speak to those who were in line first.

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