Zip zip zipping along

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Jan 042010

A few days ago I did my first ever zip line! And it was definitely just as much fun as I expected. Our tour included 12 lines. The highest was 350 feet off the ground, the longest was 1200 feet long and went across a river and the fastest was 40 mph. Although we are travelling here on a shoestring budget, the canopy tour was definitely worth the bucks. It was about $40, so really not bad for what you get. It was really strange to be flying along and just be able to look down into the jungle. Sometimes it seemed like I was going to hit my head on the branches above or smash my leg into one. Luckily, I didn’t. My favorite part of this favorite adventure was the second-to-last line. The longest line. It started to rain right before we got to this line. So, even though it took less than a minute, I was soaked by the end. I went flying over a river where locals were swimming and looking up at me. If you ever have the chance to tether yourself to a cable and go flying over the jungle, do it!

La Fortuna waterfall

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Jan 012010

Hello from Costa Rica! Yesterday, we went swimming in La Fortuna waterfall in La Fortuna near the Volcan Arenal. We were the only ones swimming in the pool below the waterfall. It is about 100 feet high and the water was crashing into the pool, creating a lot of waves. One of the guides said that one of the dangerous parts about swimming there is that sometimes debris comes crashing into the pool with the water. Recently, a giant tree came sliding down the cascade! Good thing we weren´t there when that happened! Anyways, if you are ever in La Fortuna, this is a fun place to go within walking distance of the town. Watch out for falling trees though and get ready for some seriously chilly water. Next up…zip zip zipping across the rainforest.

Ski magazine pulls article about skier's death

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Dec 092009

SKI1109_FAL_SUNVALLEYJust yesterday, the New York Times reported an interesting story on Vail Resorts. An article in Ski magazine about a 14-year-old girl who died skiing Breckenridge was pulled at the magazine, supposedly because bullies at Vail Resorts threatened to pull ads. Editors at the magazine, of course, assert that the story was pulled for different reasons (supposedly Ski Magazine doesn’t report on skiers who die in accidents at resorts.)

As ugly as this thing is, this is an unfortunate reality about outdoor sports coverage – like it or not, we live and die on the whims of advertisers, some of which have a lot of weight to throw around.

Dec 052009
All I want from life right now!

All I want from life right now!

Last April, I decided I wanted to go somewhere tropical this winter break. Anywhere. Anywhere with a beach and an endless supply of cheap mojitos and adventure! My boyfriend and I decided we would go where the cheapest tickets took us. And so, we are now starting to prepare for our Costa Rican adventure. We leave in three weeks and thought we might want to know where to go when we stepped off the plane. So we ordered a book…and it came Monday! This week we finally got to start planning our trip and looking at all the amazing things we can do in Costa Rica. We are looking at staying in the Northwest, visiting Arenal Volcano National Park, maybe going to see some sea turtles, visiting the cloud forest, zip lining and, of course, spending lots and lots of time on the beach. Anything else that you guys recommend in Costa Rica? This is my first trip out of the country (other than glorious Canada…) and I am counting down the days (23) until we are basking in the Central American sun and exploring the rainforest.

Out of Town…what is this?

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Nov 152009

The Out of Town section of this blog will serve as a forum for all of us to share our outdoors experiences that reach beyond northern Colorado. We don’t have any of these for you yet, but will next week. If you have any stories to share about recent out of town adventures, submit them here. Check back soon to see what we’re up to out of town!