BREAKING: Police Tear Gas Breaks Up CSU Block Party

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Apr 272013

Author: Dillon Thomas

In a new short video obtained by CTV11, quick clips of the CSU Block Party are compiled.  Reports say that an estimated 700 people attended the party, which took place only five minutes away from the CSU campus.


The video also shows partygoers climbing light poles, dancing on top of homes, and jumping on cars.




Original Video & Picture:



Cantaloupe Safety Symposium Educates On Food Safety

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Apr 252013

Author: Tom Mullen


CSU recently hosted the Cantaloupe Safety Symposium. The seminar brought together many food safety experts to discuss recent food born illness outbreaks and preventative measures. In 2011 an outbreak of Listeria from cantaloupes left 147 people sick and resulted in 33 deaths. Just last year an outbreak of salmonella left 261 people ill and resulted in 3 deaths. According to CSU microbiologist and food safety researcher, Dr. Larry Goodrich, cantaloupes are one of the prefect foods for bacterial growth. It’s   flesh contains plenty of water and has an ideal PH level for bacteria to grow. Dr. Goodrich discussed how the producers and farmers need to take more responsibility in creating safer environments so the melons are less likely to be exposed to bacteria.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration hopes to implement new regulation policies this year that will impose stricter restrictions on food producers. After studying the outbreaks they hope to plan more inspections of food producing operations in order to help reduce risk. CTV11 reporter Tom Mullen gives tells us a little about the research discussed, why cantaloupes are so vulnerable and how to protect yourself from getting sick.

CSU exposes human trafficking

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Apr 252013

Author: Kelsey Peterson


According to Colorado State University awareness group, No More Injustice, there are more slaves now than any point in history, 50 percent of which are children. Apr. 26-27 No More Injustice will be putting on a human trafficking simulation called “Enslaved” in the effort to eradicate modern day slavery. Participants will walk through three rooms: a brothel, a garment factory and a child soldier scene. Due to the graphic content of simulation, participants must be 18 years of age and are required to sign a waver before the event. The event will go from to 2-8 p.m. both days and the simulation lasts approximately 20 minutes. This event is free and will be held in the East Ballroom of the Lory Student Center.

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CTV News April 24, 2013: Brewery rumor true for the new LSC

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Apr 242013

Author: Sean Korbitz


The rumors are true, new brewery is set to go into the LSC!  The price of CSU is being explained to students and we’ll tell you how to get the lowdown.  ADHD and the medication being prescribed for it is being used by those whom it is not prescribed–the abuse is especially rampant on college campuses. Study abroad with Katie Spencer returns with a trip to Dublin.  Ramen with Christian Zamora, Sports with Ryan Hillman and weather with Ashley Wallinger.  All this and more with your Wednesday CTV anchors Makenzie O’Keefe and Wayne Stafford.

Fort Collins artists paints transformer boxes to reduce graffiti

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Apr 242013

Author: Makenzie O’Keefe


Have you ever noticed the colorful painted transformer boxes scattered across Fort Collins? In 2006, the City of Fort Collins came up with a plan to help prevent or reduce graffiti in an inexpensive way. They hired local artists to paint transformer boxes across town. The painting of these transformer boxes not only brought beautiful art to the community, but it made the boxes less desirable for graffiti and tagging.When graffiti struck, the City would spend money sanding, priming and painting the boxes along with 20-30 man hours of labor. This artistic plan to reduce graffiti has been estimating to save up to $130,000 over the life of one transformer box.

When the project started, Amelia Caruso painted the first group of transformer boxes in Tenney Alley, north of Mountain Avenue. The project has grown since, hiring 9 artists to paint over 11 transformer box locations this next year. Each artist showcases his or her own artistic style on each box. The artists are currently submitting their plans for the 2013-2014 year transformer boxes.To find out more information about the Artist  in the Alley  and Art in Public Places programs, visit

CTV News Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Apr 232013

Author: Wayne Stafford


Exclusive footage and reporting of the 420 shooting at Civic Center Park, updates on the Boston bombing and much more.  CTV News… hotter than the sand, bigger than the ocean!

Firefighter Training

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Apr 232013

Author: Keith Albertson


The Front Range Fire Consortium took part in a training exercise for large-area emergency searches at Foothills Mall on Thursday. Trainees’ helmets were blacked out, and they had to perform practice search-and-rescue operations to simulate a fire situation. The Mall and its general manager, Cynthia Eichler, have been collaborating to help train these future firefighters for years using an empty department store. Training exercises like these help the cadets learn from more real-life examples.

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CTV Sports: April 22nd, 2013

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Apr 222013

Author: Andrew Rodriguez

Tonight on CTV Sports, we take a look at CSU track and field, men’s rugby, women’s tennis, and  football. We also take a look at the Denver nuggets and Rockies.  Annie Dumbauld talks about the weather forecast for the week.  On in case you missed it, we take a look at some fun soccer, baseball, and football videos.