Everyday Explorations: CSU’s Visual Arts Building

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Apr 242013

Author: Kelsey Contouris

It’s gray. Dreary. Dull.

From the outside, that is.

The west entrance of the Visual Arts building

The west entrance of the Visual Arts building

The Visual Arts building may not appear to be the ideal place for fostering imagination, but the inside tells a different story. Just walking through the main stretch of the building, you’ll find an impressive array of artwork on display – drawings, paintings, sculptures, pottery, photography, you name it.

Constructed in 1974, Visual Arts stands on the south side of Pitkin Street across from Braiden Hall. The sprawling complex is home to a number of classrooms, studios and workshops where students can build and master their artistic skills. Having enjoyed art classes in high school, I was particularly excited for this week’s exploration.

Colorful pipes run along the ceiling in the main hallway.

Colorful pipes run along the ceiling in the main hallway.

I entered the building through the west doors as several other students were making their way to 8 a.m. classes. Again realizing that I would look like a strange tourist for taking pictures in front of everyone, I cut into a hallway off to my right until traffic died down. It wasn’t the most spectacular first impression – just a bunch of lockers, offices and some studios. It actually reminded me very much of the art hallway in the high school I attended freshman year.

This thought struck me again as I toured other parts of the building – the slanted skylights, exposed pipes zigzagging across the ceiling, quaint courtyards outside and numerous projects lining the walls were all eerily familiar. If my high school’s art department were to take over the rest of the building, this is what it would look like.

Paintings line the walls.

Paintings line the walls.

As I made my way down the main corridor, I noticed a sign directing students to room F113, which, oddly enough, is where one of my journalism classes will be next semester. I followed the signs past some more offices and classrooms only to find an average-sized lecture hall, pointlessly far away from the rest of my classes next semester. At least I can look forward to admiring some of the artwork while I’m in the building.

I continued down the main stretch, snapping photos of some paintings and pottery. I passed a small counter called the Sova Cafe, which advertised bagels, cookies, coffee and more. I imagined what the place must look like on a normal afternoon – students hanging out on the hallway benches or lounging in the courtyards outside, probably drawing in sketchbooks as they have lunch. Being an art student in this building must be pretty nice.

Even the landscaping is artsy.

Even the landscaping is artsy.

I eventually came to another entrance area facing Pitkin Street. An old, red telephone booth stood by the doors, as well as a wiry sculpture of a human body. As I kept walking down the hall, I saw a few weathered pieces of art equipment and more projects filling display cases. I came to the east doors and turned right into a hallway containing more drawings, lockers and studios. I was amazed at how tall the studio doors were – they practically went up to the ceiling!

After I took a few more photos, my exploration was over. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a vibrant, artsy environment inside that cold, gray brick exterior. If you have time to check out the visual arts building, or if you end up with a miscellaneous lecture there, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with what you see.

CTV News Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Apr 232013

Author: Wayne Stafford


Exclusive footage and reporting of the 420 shooting at Civic Center Park, updates on the Boston bombing and much more.  CTV News… hotter than the sand, bigger than the ocean!

Firefighter Training

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Apr 232013

Author: Keith Albertson


The Front Range Fire Consortium took part in a training exercise for large-area emergency searches at Foothills Mall on Thursday. Trainees’ helmets were blacked out, and they had to perform practice search-and-rescue operations to simulate a fire situation. The Mall and its general manager, Cynthia Eichler, have been collaborating to help train these future firefighters for years using an empty department store. Training exercises like these help the cadets learn from more real-life examples.

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CTV Sports: April 22nd, 2013

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Apr 222013

Author: Andrew Rodriguez

Tonight on CTV Sports, we take a look at CSU track and field, men’s rugby, women’s tennis, and  football. We also take a look at the Denver nuggets and Rockies.  Annie Dumbauld talks about the weather forecast for the week.  On in case you missed it, we take a look at some fun soccer, baseball, and football videos.

Tom Heffron Earns CSU Fan of the Week

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Apr 212013

Author: Riley Adams


CSU women’s tennis hit the court Friday to play UNLV and that is where we found this week’s fan of the week, Tom Heffron. UNLV defeated CSU in doubles but they take on the mountain west championships this Thursday to redeem themselves.

Shooting clears out Civic Center Park 420 smoke out

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Apr 212013

Author: Wayne Stafford


CTV reporter Wayne Stafford has the story on the shooting that occurred at Civic Center Park at approximately 5 pm on April 20th.  Three people were shot including a dog and there are reports of a stabbing victim as well.  The two African American suspects are still at large.  80,000 people cleared the park immediately after the shooting, dozens were injured by trampling.  I will have the full story later in the week.

Miller’s heroics lift Nuggets over Warriors in Game 1

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Apr 202013

Author: Steven Starcer

Andre Miller of the Denver Nuggets.Andre Miller made a crafty reverse layup with 1.3 seconds remaining and finished with a game high 28 points as the Denver Nuggets fought off a feisty Golden State team 97-95 on Saturday.

Miller went right by Warrior’s rookie defender Draymond Green and banked in the shot to give the Nuggets the go-ahead lead. Stephen Curry had one last heave before the buzzer sounded that was well off target ending the game.Denver Nuggets logo

The win was the 24th straight for the Nuggets at the Pepsi Center in Denver, and moves their overall record at home to 39-3.

Miller poured in 18 points in an action packed fourth quarter that involved plenty of drama at the end. Denver’s Ty Lawson stole the ball away from Curry and converted on the other end giving the Nuggets a three-point lead with 35 seconds to go. Curry, who set an NBA record with 272 made three-pointers this season then tied the game at 95 when he got Lawson to leave his feet on a shot fake and sunk a 2 from the dead corner with 14.5 seconds remaining.

Miller inbounded the ball for the Denver and got it right back and from there the rest was history.

The Warriors, the sixth seed in the West, playing in their first playoff game in six seasons, lost All-Star David Lee to a hip flexor strain in the fourth quarter when he banged into JaVale McGee. Lee finished with 10 points and 14 boards.

Klay Thompson led Golden State with 22 points and Curry had 19. Wilson Chandler had a great game for Denver stepping up for injured Kenneth Faried, finishing with 11 points and a team-high 13 rebounds and Andre Iguodala added 8 points, 1o rebounds, 5 assists, and 3 steals.

Game 2 of the series is scheduled to tip at 8:30 MT on Tuesday, April 23 in Denver at the Pepsi Center.


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Movies to watch this summer

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Apr 182013

Author: Melanie Rose



Melanie Rose and Ryan Greene discuss some awesome movies that you can look forward too this summer. First, Melanie will count down the three that she is looking forward too the most, which is Iron Man 3, The Lone Ranger, and Monster University. Then, Ryan Greene’s three choices are Superman, Star Trek, and This is The End. Learn about what all of these movies are about and what Melanie and Ryan think about them. Finally look forward to the end when they take on a rapid fire addition of the celebrities that fell off the face of the earth. To watch more videos, visit our website at ctv11news.com.