Apr 112013

Author: Tom Mullen


Hurricanes probably don’t come to mind when people think about Colorado. However the Atmospheric Science department here at Colorado state has been forecasting the outlook of hurricane seasons for over 30 years. The department released the most recent forecast on April 10th. The forecast calls for 9 Hurricanes, 18 named storms, and 4 major storms. The probabilities for hurricane landfall are 72% for the entire US coastline, 48% for the Florida Peninsula, 47% for the GUlf Coast, and 61% for the Caribbean.

Dr. William Gray has been here at CSU for 52 years and studies the patterns and variables of tropical storms inorder to predict future events. CTV11 reporter Tom Mullen gives us a closer look at next season’s forecast. Grey has traveled the world researching storms and is a professor emeritus of Atmospheric Science.

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