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Author: Nicole Beale

Sell-out artist and local band, Lotus, played at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins on Wed., April 3. The Fort Collins area responded well to the band returning to the Aggie, last visiting in 2008. With a few bumps in the road, Lotus managed to pack in two full sets with songs from a variety of albums. If you missed the show, check out some of their live recordings and their latest album Build.

Jesse Miller, front and center, playing bass guitar.  Photo by Lauren Martin

Jesse Miller, front and center, playing bass guitar.
Photo by Lauren Martin

Lotus released their latest album, Build, in the middle of their tour on Feb. 19. Build came from about 25 songs that were recorded in both St. Louis, MO and Philadelphia, PA.

“What we usually do in the studio is we use old school tape. Do the drums, guitar live and then over dub in the keys and add percussion later. We try to capture that live aspect,” said Luke Miller who plays guitar and keys. The band picked ten songs that had the same electronic up-beat sound, and it became Build.

Build has received both praise and criticism. Some iTunes reviewers have called it more electronic dance music than original Lotus.

“You know we’re just a band that never wanted to just do one thing — we always want to grow and evolve. We play all of our new songs and all of our old songs. I feel that were expanding our range and making our show more of a journey with more variety. I just never wanted to do the same thing twice,” Miller said.

They have plenty of new things for all lovers of Lotus coming out soon. Lotus’ next album is inspired by their love of hip-hop and down-tempo music. One of the songs the band featured at the Aggie, Cannon in the Heavens, will be on their next album. Luke Miller mentioned that the band will most likely be coming out with a series of EPs featuring five or six songs that have a similar theme.

Lotus has played an average of at least 60 shows every year since the band first began to get popular. In this winter/spring tour alone they played 47 shows, taking only a few days’ rest.

“We circled the whole country and we’re finishing it off in Colorado.  The first show was -12 degrees and now were getting into some spring weather finally,” Miller said.

Luke Miller jammin' on keys ready to switch to guitar.  Photo by Lauren Martin

Luke Miller jamming on keys ready to switch to guitar.
Photo by Lauren Martin

The band did this tour a little differently, hitting some smaller venues. Lotus didn’t go to Denver, but gave some other communities around Colorado the opportunity to experience the show.

“We have more fans in Colorado than anywhere else. It’s always one of the highlights of our tour,” Miller said.

The band packed in two full sets at the Aggie Theater after delaying the show as long as they could. New underage drinking policy forces minors to be breathalyzed before they can enter the venue. The sold-out Aggie Theater had a line out the door of people waiting to get in and one operating breathalyzer. Some people said they waited for over an hour.

“We had a plan in place to have an entrance for 21 and over and under 21, but people just don’t listen. We are trying to get new breathalyzers that don’t take so long to heat up so the process will move faster,” said Kyle Stych, manager of the Aggie.

Aside from the long line, the vibe that Fort Collins has married so well with Lotus vibes.

“The environment was great because you could be so close to the band and feed off their good vibes and music,” said Brittany Jackson, a CSU student. An Aggie theater show is unique. Since the venue holds only 650, you will be surrounded by friends that love the same band and just want to have a good time.

“The Aggie is so small the heat was overwhelming and became a sweaty mess, but it was worth dancing all night regardless,” Jackson said.

Check out one of the hits of their new album:


Set List:

Set 1

Blacklight Sunflare

Middle Road



Sodium Vapor


Moon Set

72 hours awake


Set 2

We are Now Connected




Cannon In the Heavens


Bubonic Tonic

Age of Inexperience



Bush Pilot



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