Apr 042013

Author: Tom Mullen


ASCSU elections are under way. Presidential candidate Wendy Bowling and Vice Presidential candidate John Stockley hope to accomplish many things if elected into office. Their campaign slogan is “Your Voice, Our Cause” with their focus being to make students feel like they are truly involved in bringing about change on campus. Some of the programs Wendy and John hope to implement next semester include a tuition task force which will gather student views on tuition in order to better organize thoughts to send to Tony Frank. Another includes is a Student Diversity Council that will help address problems on campus being faced by the multiple diversity groups on campus.

The pair also hopes to increase the hours that transport runs in order to better serve students, modify the U+2 law and change the ram ride system in order to implement a new dispatch system. Wendy and John want students to know that they hope to accomplish all these goals without increasing student fees.

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