Mar 282013

Author: Tom Mullen


Construction is nothing new to CSU students. Orange cones and signs can be seen all around town and campus. The closure of a section of Prospect Road has been a particular annoyance to students as it has increased the amount of traffic around campus. A lot of the construction is part of the City’s plan to revitalize the Mason corridor and implement the MAX Bus rapid transit system. The system will be the first in northern Colorado and one of only 36 in the nation. Students can ride for free and buses will come every 5 minutes.

The project also hopes to create 1000 new jobs and bring more commerce and tourists to the city. Prospect Road should be open in mid-April but there will be more construction on campus through the rest of the year. Students are frustrated by all the inconvenience but realize it may all be for the best in the end. The new transit system hopes to be up and running by May 2014

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