Mar 242013

Author: Nicole Beale

By the looks of things, Fort Collins is getting inked. There are over 10 tattoo shops in the immediate Fort Collins area and the number is continuing to grow. Some of these shops are booked with appointments for up to six months.  Many popular shops include Freakshow, La Familia, Covenant, Black Atlas, Tribal Rites, and the list goes on.

Lizz Wilson, Colorado State undergraduate student, says she wouldn’t recommend any other place but Freakshow Tattoo. She has three tattoos that were done at Freakshow, including a shoulder and two ankle tats. She has enjoyed her experience every time.

“Everyone in the shop is really excited to be there. It makes you feel good and excited to get a tattoo from there,” Wilson said. “Everyone was so professional and made me feel comfortable when I was uneasy.”

lizz's tats

Lizz Wilson’s tattoos from Freakshow Tattoo shop.
Photo by Lizz Wilson

According to Tribal Rites piercer, Hayley Berendt, Tribal Rites tries to make their store warm and inviting, something that is hard to do when it comes to the cold needle.  The store is splashed with a post-apocalyptic look. The tables are made of metal welded together with blue and green lights glowing through them. It gives the store an edgy feel and makes customers feel good when they come in.  Tribal Rites prides themselves on offering excellent customer service and making sure each customer leaves happy.

Tribal Rites resident tattoo artist Erick Erickson says that Tribal Rites is the place to be because so much love is put into what they do.

“Both of my parents were artists professionally. I grew up doing all kinds of art and it lead to me majoring in graphic design. Did that for a year before I realized I hated doing it. I then started tattooing and doing what I love,” said Erick Erickson. “I had a mentor I trained under for several years and have been tattooing for 12 years now.” Each tattoo artist at Tribal Rites has extensive experience and is able to conjure up whatever is imaginable.

Covenant Tattoo shop has been growing so much they had to relocate. Covenant relocated to a more central location in Fort Collins, along College Avenue, making the trip that much more convenient.

Many of these parlors cater to the student public and offer special deals and coupons on a seasonal basis. Many shops will put discounts in coupon books given out each semester. Keep an eye out for local deals if you’re looking to get tattooed in Fort Collins.

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