Mar 072013

Author: Tom Mullen


Every year either the last week of February or the first week of March is designated as Holocaust Awareness Week. The week is filled with events and speakers aimed at remembering the tragedy and learning about its lasting impact. The week’s theme this year is “Never Again.” The week is sponsored by the Students for Holocaust Awareness and Hillel, the Jewish Student Organization in conjunction with ASCSU. The week started off with the setting up of a field of multi-colored flags outside the Lory Student Center. Each flag represents 5,000 lives lost with each color representing different races.

Other events this week include a Litany of Martyrs, a reading of the names of holocaust victims, inviting different speakers to discuss their experiences with the holocaust, and a memorial service for the victims being held Friday afternoon. Event organizers encourage students to remember what happened and to never forget it in order to hopefully prevent future Genocides. All events taking place this week are free to attend.

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