Mar 062013

Author: Makenzie O’Keefe


A large and often overlooked issue across our nation is obesity. An event here on campus last week , held by a local student, highlighted this issue and how we can make a difference. With obesity rates on the rise, it is important we are aware of this national problem. An event, the Weight of the Nation, held in the Lory Student Center last Thursday explored this topic.

A room of 100 people viewed the HBO film, The Weight of the Nation, that focused n the intensity of obesity in our country. The film was followed by an intriguing question and answer session. The event highlights how we as students here at CSU could help. It provided tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. It focused on the importance of eating healthy, exercising, and walking places instead of driving.

The 1oo participants ended the night signing a pledge to live healthier, and to spread the word on campus how to get involved. With 1/3 of adults in America being considered obese, this event was important in bringing awareness to our campus. If you are interested in viewing the films, learning more or seeing what actions you can take against obesity, go to The Wight of the Nation website at For CTV News, I’m Makenzie O’Keefe.

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