A tour of Pompei

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Feb 272013

Author: Katie Spencer


CTV reporter Katie Spencer gives a tour of the ancient city of Pompei. When Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. the city was destroyed and left the ruins of the once great city.

CTV News for Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Feb 262013

Author: Wayne Stafford


In this episode of CTV News we have a breaking story on a suspect involved in a incident with a knife, threatening the life of another student.  ASCSU was on the plaza Tuesday talking about the impact of campus conceal carry ban and how students felt about it.  We’ll also have a look at the developments of the fracking debate here in Fort Collins.
CTV political analyst Jackie Rickard gives an update on the progress of the Amendment 64 Task Force and how they are planning to implement the new laws.  Austin Harley has your weekly weather update.  And Lena Howland will be giving you a seeking peek at CSU’s annual Spring Fashion Show.
CTV news anchor Keith Albertson will feature the newly added synchronized swimming club.  And we’ll have a sports update from CTV sports anchor Ryan Hillman.
All this and more on CTV News.

Too School for Cool: Wash-out your Facebook

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Feb 262013

Author: Allison LeCain

As a graduating senior, I’ve been applying for a plethora of jobs lately. This generally requires sending someone a cover letter, resume and writing clips. Sadly I know that the investigation process probably doesn’t end there.

According to a 2012 survey by CareerBuilder, 37 percent of companies investigate potential employees using social media. More than 65 percent of these companies will look through Facebook profiles, which is why I think the new app, Facewash, is going to be a great resource for anyone trying to find employment.

Facewash is an app created by Camden Fullmer, Daniel Gur and David Steinberg. The idea of the app is to get rid of any content on your profile that you might not want a future employer to see. It is possible to simply clean out a profile manually by going through your timeline and deleting inappropriate statuses and photos, but Facewash handles this process for you.

Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005

Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yahoo! Finance explained in an article about the new app that Facewash flags swear words and sexual and racist language that appears in statuses, comments, likes, and links on your page. Currently the app will only flag a photo as inappropriate if the tags or comments for the photo imply it as such. For example, if there is a photo of you chugging beer at a party and the caption says “getting wasted on a Tuesday”, then Facewash will flag it. However, if there are not comments, a photo like this won’t get flagged. Never fear though, because Facewash is stilling under development and soon will be able to flag photos with red cups and beer bottles.

Using Facewash can help your profile to be ready for employer approval. Currently the app is free to use, so why not try it? In general I’ve tried to keep my Facebook very professional during my college years, but sometimes things slip in. Facewash is like hiring a little assistant to clean up your mistakes.

RamRise Report: 26 February 2013

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Feb 262013

Author: Wayne Stafford


Temperatures will continue to be cold today. The high temperature in Fort Collins is forecasted at 32 degrees. Icy conditions are also possible. CTV11 Weather: Austin Harley

The first time you’ll ever say no to bacon

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Feb 262013

Author: Jack Krause

Backpacking in the Grand Teton National Park, ...

Backpacking in the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we anticipate warmer weather while we brace ourselves and loved ones in these cold months, camping season is approaching. We all know what we normally pack, but when you actually look at what you bring for food and the nutritional values associated, its plain to see we just aren’t eating right while around the campfire. CSU Recreational Centers Outdoor Club’s Leif Mattern explained some healthier food choices to make while packing for an adventure.

“For breakfast foods, I would say plain oatmeal with a little brown sugar or dried fruits would be great,” Mattern said. These foods are easier to pack and are definitely filling, giving you energy for your entire adventure. For dinner, Mattern says rice with any kind of sauce and vegetables are great for you, and the rice can be substituted with quinoa.

“A lot of people think that just because you’re camping, that you are restricted to dried packaged foods. The truth is you can be pretty creative with meals, just like you are at home,” Mattern said. He also explained that you can stick with diets but remember to remain conscious of the weight of materials, as you will be carrying them around with you. Canned foods are better than jars because they weigh less and you can bring vegetables and fruit with you.

One food group to stay away from is meat. Bacon and other meats attract bears and other animals to your camp. “Always remember to practice bear safety. Storing food properly in bear proof containers away from where you sleep. Bacon is tasty, but it stinks to high heaven and the smell will remain on your clothes.” Definitely not a good idea if you’re camping in backcountry.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to surviving and thriving while having a great time travelling and camping.


CTV Preview: CSU Fashion Show “Destinations”

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Feb 262013

Author: Lena Howland


After a semester of sketching, sewing, designing and draping, senior design students at CSU will showcase their lines in the Annual Spring Fashion Show.

More than 20 seniors with lines of 4-6 designs each will be featured in the show.

From active-wear to evening-wear, the show includes four different categories: urban-edge, mystic, extreme altitude and European elegance.

These designs will hit the runway on March 8 at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins.

Tickets for the show are on sale at the Lincoln Center Box Office or online at lctix.com. They are $10 for students and $20 for adults.

The “Destinations” themed show will begin promptly at 7:30 p.m.

CSU Synchronized Swim Meet

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Feb 262013

Author: Keith Albertson

The first home meet for Colorado State University’s club synchronized swim team was held in Moby Arena on Saturday. The Rams squared off against a Minnesota team that was represented by one girl. CSU won the event and with it, qualified for Nationals in March. This is CSU’s first year with a club synchronized swimming team, and it has 16 members. The experience ranges from just 2 years to over 15 years. The next meet for the Rams will be the regional event

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Australia’s calling, Graduates travel down under

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Feb 262013

Author: Cassandra Whelihan


Meagan Cassily prepares her backback to travel. Backpacking across a foreign country is a popular way for graduates to travel. Photo by Cassandra Welihan.

Your toes are playing peek-a-boo through the crystal white sand transparent against the blue sea. The warm breeze kisses your skin delicately as the sun sinks further into the sky. A palette of colors streak and blend in a mosaic as if created by the gods… heaven? Not quite, this describes Australia.

“Australia has a very good economy right now and you can go and make a lot of money working in the seasonal tourism position, hotels or any seasonal position like we have here in Colorado,” said Dustin Kovac, a senior biology major. “They also have a harvest season where they’re looking for work and they pay the clients per hour plus overtime.”

Planning to travel for half a year, Kovac and his girlfriend Maeve McGranahan have begun planning the ins-and-outs of their expedition.

“The plane ticket is going to be the main cost so it kind of depends on what’s up with that,” said McGranahan, a junior HDFS and philosophy double major. “Hopefully we can find somewhere to make some money after that to kind of compensate. But I’m kind of planning on tailoring the trip to how much money is available.”

Saving $20 a week, the couple estimates the plane tickets to cost between $2,000 to $3,000. Upon arrival in Australia, they plan to make money along the way and plan some adventures during their off time.

“We would probably be housed where we were working and then we would be on the road when we were traveling,” Kovac said. “I think ideally we would spend some time backpacking in New Zealand and island-hopping in Fiji.”

Kovac and McGranahan have some friends that are in Australia so they have being asking them for more information. In addition, the internet is a good resource for planning a post graduate odyssey.


Admiring the scenery, Cassily contemplates what a similar view would be in Australia or Guatemala. Photo by Cassandra Welihan.

Sites such as www.helpx.net and www.workaway.info are informative, affordable and safe. These resources offer online listings of farms, ranches, hostels and home-stays that invite volunteer helpers to stay short term for food and room in exchange for a few hours of help per day.

The reasons for traveling are bountiful. Responsibilities are minimal and cultures are waiting to be discovered.

“I was planning on studying abroad, but then it just seems like it made more sense to travel if I had somebody to travel with,” McGranahan said. “I wouldn’t have to be worried about being kidnapped as much and I wouldn’t have to do school while I was traveling.”

According to Kovac, “It’s just a place I’ve always wanted to go. It’s ideally a good spot to go right now because the economy is doing so well, it wouldn’t be hard to find work.”

CTV Sports: February 25th, 2013

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Feb 252013

Author: Andrew Rodriguez

Tonight on CTV Sports we take a in depth look at the CSU mens basketball team.  We also talk about CSU mens baseball, club hockey , the 7 day weather forecast, and some crazy sports video from this last week on the segment “in case you missed it”.

Adventure vacations with fitness as the key

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Feb 252013

Author: Tony Vessels

As the countdown draws closer to the coveted week off , the excitement of every student can be felt as we hear the words, “I can’t wait for spring break,” more times than anyone cares to count.

So what do students do during this brief respite?

Families will be reunited, people will bless themselves with the concept of sleeping in, brains will be melted by a week of TV and/or video games. But many also turn their spirits to the wind, and choose to take this week to travel throughout the country and even the world.

We all go on vacation for many reasons. One of the most popular reasons is to go and experience a new culture, learn the history of another place. It can be incredibly interesting to walk through a museum or to take a tour around the oldest building in the oldest town in the country. One should be so lucky to even be able to see the biggest ball of twine in America (there are four claims to that title, just so you know, but that’s a whole other story).

But history and tours and museums aren’t everything that you can do on a vacation.

“You see one 300-year-old church, you’ve seen them all,” said Brian Green, a Fort Collins native. “And honestly, staring at all those paintings just bores me. When I go somewhere, I want to get outside. I want to move and try things that I’ve never tried before.”

Surf lesson distractions

Surf lesson distractions (Photo credit: Brett L.)

There are many destinations that people seek out purely to try new things.

“I was born and raised in Fort Collins, so last year when my girlfriend and I flew out to California for a week, we spent the entire week on the beach and my uncle taught us how to surf,” Green said. “I’d never done it before and I absolutely fell in love with it. Now that was a vacation worth remembering.”

Many people want to go on vacation just to get a chance to be athletic and explore the sports that they can’t really do at their native lands. Lord knows how many Texans we have skiing in our mountains every winter.

English: Whitewater Rafting at the USNWC

Whitewater Rafting at the USNWC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Our family is actually nearing the end of saving up for a big trip down to Peru,” said Eugene Thomas, a CSU student who grew up in Denver. “We’ve been saving up for about a year now, and this summer my [family] and I are going to be flying down to Peru for three weeks, and we’ll be whitewater rafting for about two. This is the vacation of a lifetime, and I couldn’t imagine anything being more fun than this.”

As amazing as seeing the Louvre in Paris would be, some people just need to take a break from their world by doing something much more athletic. Like whitewater rafting or surfing. For some, a great vacation could be just strapping on a pair of reliable hiking boots and exploring our own backyard that is the good ol’ Rocky Mountains.

Get outside for your next vacation. Have fun. To quote a very successful American multinational corporation, “JUST DO IT.”