Feb 282013

Author: Tom Mullen


The increasing availability of alternative textbook outlets to students is taking a toll on traditional textbook stores like the Rams Bookstore on the corner of Mason and Laurel. With more students choosing to rent their textbooks, obtain an electronic version, or purchase online for cheaper, store owner Griff Kull says that they’re not seeing as much textbook business. In order to try and bring in more foot traffic, Kull has decided to bring in a new business that will transform the sore into a Colorado State-themed sports bar and grill named The Boot.

Kull feels that a bar and grill will better take advantage of the store’s large space and take advantage of its convenient location. THe store will continue to sell Colorado State merchandise and textbooks  but things will just get moved around a little bit after the change. The store’s split level layout will allow both bar and bookstore to coexist with ease. Sharing an entrance, the upper level will be turned into the restaurant that will include te bar and a stage for live music while the lower level and basement will hold the CSU apparel and other merchandise. A back room will be the location of all textbook operations.

Rennovation will hopefully begin in mid April and Kull says the made-over store should be ready to open in the middle of the summer and be ready for students to return for the new semester.

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