Feb 262013

Author: Wayne Stafford


In this episode of CTV News we have a breaking story on a suspect involved in a incident with a knife, threatening the life of another student.  ASCSU was on the plaza Tuesday talking about the impact of campus conceal carry ban and how students felt about it.  We’ll also have a look at the developments of the fracking debate here in Fort Collins.
CTV political analyst Jackie Rickard gives an update on the progress of the Amendment 64 Task Force and how they are planning to implement the new laws.  Austin Harley has your weekly weather update.  And Lena Howland will be giving you a seeking peek at CSU’s annual Spring Fashion Show.
CTV news anchor Keith Albertson will feature the newly added synchronized swimming club.  And we’ll have a sports update from CTV sports anchor Ryan Hillman.
All this and more on CTV News.

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