Feb 202013

Author: Michaela Koretko

“I’m from Mexico, and one time, on the way back from Mexico they thought my mom wasn’t my mom and that she was sneaking me into the country. We got isolated, and they held us for a while. It was scary. It’s really funny when I think about it now.”

-Julia Miranda, Freshman

“In Japan, we had just been to a restaurant and were posing for a picture.  I half back-flipped over my friend’s great-aunt who didn’t know any English. I was so embarrassed that even though I knew the word for ‘sorry’ all I could say was ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry!'”

-Kristin Long, Senior

“My family chartered a boat in the Bahamas, and there were squid everywhere. They were flopping and jumping all over. One was on the boat, so I picked it up. It inked all over me. Yeah. Don’t pick up squid.”

-Liesel Schiffhauer, Sophomore

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