Feb 202013

Author: Christian Zamora


Khloe Kardashian is now facing the harsh reality of the ex factor. The New York Post broke the news on Monday that the E! star would not be asked to return as a co-host on FOX’s newest singing competition “The X Factor.”

With no previous hosting experience, Kardashian’s on-screen presence was less than comfortable to watch, which is rumored to be the reasoning behind the axe.

However, there was good news for the other hosting half, Mario Lopez. Unlike Kardashian, Lopez has been asked to return next season and has a rich background of on-screen gigs. The former “Saved By The Bell” star is known for hosting the entertainment news television show “Extra TV” along with MTV’s “America’s Next Best Dance Crew.”

Kardashian premiered as a host on the second season of the reality competition after producer Simon Cowell tried to reinvent the show after dissapointing first season ratings. Since the season finale of the show in Decemeber, judges LA Reid and Britney Spears have both confirmed their departures.

Producers still have yet to confirm Kardashian’s axe from the show, but Ram Entertainment would support keeping KlohKar only in the cable television realm.

Hey X Factor, if you need a new co-host for next season, I heard the Pope is reccently unemployeed.


Another richer-than-you Hollywood baby is on its way. Fergie, the sole reason The Black Eyed Peas have ever been sucessful, is expecting with hubby Josh Duhamel! The songstress broke the news herself on Twitter after tweeting the hashtag, “#MylovelyBabyBump.”

There’s no word on how far along the “Fergalicious” singer is, but we do know the child will never know how to correctly spell the word “tasty.”

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