Feb 142013

Author: Jack Krause

Dear whoever finds themselves alone on Valentine’s Day,

Another year has come and passed and the dreaded holiday that celebrates those who can manage to support a relationship and alienates those who can’t is upon us. I’m here to tell you, it’s not so bad. For those who fall into the latter category, here are some tips and bits of advice to let that day come and go.

Remember one thing, your life is incredibly cheaper when out of a relationship. Cheaper in a monetary sense, but also in a time sense. Your time is yours and your money is spent how you want. When you want to do something, it isn’t up for debate, and you have the excess money to pay for it. You have the ability to work on yourself and not worry about another’s romantic emotions.

The other benefit to being single on Valentine’s Day is the fact that you have just joined a large club. This club is filled with other people like you, single and possibly ready to mingle. The ocean is filled with hope and you’ve been given the tools to reel in the right person for you. Also, remember one thing above all else. Love is not defined as being between two people; you are not alone because you have friends and family that love you all the same. Take that normally sorrowful day and make it one of celebration. A happy time for those who may not have romantic love, but more than enough people to call their own.

2013 is a year of new beginnings and fresh starts, make the most of it, and appreciate the present moment. Keep your head up, and love will find you.

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