Feb 142013

Author: Tom Mullen


Ever wonder what’s going on with the abandoned houses City Park Avenue and Plum Street? The Fort Collins Student Housing LLC is planning to clear the area of properties to make room for new student housing. This plan has been in the works for a couple of months now. According to the Larimer County Housing Records, the project has been in the works since December of last year. Since then the seemingly abandoned houses have been siting on their foundations collecting dust on their roofs, and garbage on their lawns. Every now and then construction crews come and gut out the inside of the houses collecting copper wire and other valuable scraps but the structures are left standing until the housing project is underway.

The project, titled The District at Campus West, involves the demolishing of the empty houses in order to construct three new buildings that would contain 189 student housing units, a parking structure, and a pool. All of the houses stretching from City Park Avenue to Aster Street on the north side of Plum street will be cleared to make way for the new buildings. Security fences have been put up around some of the houses along Bluebell Street and an excavator is even in place. However, according to the Fort Collins Planning Department, the project is still going through and awaiting final approval and have not received any building permits. It is still unsure when exactly construction will begin and the houses will be cleared out.

The project’s developer is Ripley Design Incorporated, who could not be reached for comment.

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