Feb 062013

Author: Christian Zamora


Calling all Britney fans. The “Till The World Ends” singer is trading in her sunny Los Angeles lifestyle for the bright lights of Las Vegas. Named “The Holy Spearit” by fans, Spears will start performing at a yet-to-be reveled Vegas hotel to coincide with the release of her latest album due out fall of this year.

Rumors of Spears’ new gig went rampant after her puppy Hannah tweeted, “Mommy, are dogs allowed to gamble in Vegas? Gonna cash all my bones in for chips.” Extra TV then confirmed these rumors as fact, after speaking directly with Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph.

What Spears’ performance will look like on Vegas state is uncertain, but one this is for sure: Hannah Spears is the most influential canine since the Taco Bell chihuahua.

Britney isn’t the only pop starlet making headlines. Beyonce starred in the 47th Super Bowl Halftime performance on Sunday, marking the first Super Bowl performance for the singer. Beyonce exceeded expectations with her live singing and tight choreography, not to mention the fierce faces she made throughout the performance. The show was seen by roughly 109 million people, and also included a reunion of Beyonce’s 2000’s girl band “Destiny’s Child,” performing a medley classic hits.

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