Feb 052013

Author: Dillon Thomas

Colorado State University freshman Karl La Borde apologized to the CSU community Tuesday night, in an interview with CTV.

La Borde was pulled over Friday morning near the intersection of College Ave and Laurel on suspicion of speeding and DUI. La Borde was driving a CSU RamRide vehicle.  After the officer approached the vehicle, he requested to search the car for marijuana, as he smelt the scent of the drug.

According to La Borde, he had smoked “…a small amount of weed” while pulled over during a break.  A self-proclaimed “recreational marijuana smoker”, La Borde believed he had not smoked enough marijuana to be considered intoxicated.

In an interview with CTV, La Borde said — I now realize that driving under the influence of marijuana is the same as driving drunk.–

La Borde admitted that he was not in the appropriate state of mind to be operating a vehicle, and he said he believed he was putting others’ lives in danger.

–I will never drive while high on marijuana, and I will take the keys out of the hands of whoever tries.–

La Borde claimed that after the arrest, he went back to his dormitory and threw away all of his drugs, drug paraphernalia, and drug related items.

La Borde expressed that he was putting other people’s lives in danger, and that he was glad that he didn’t hit or kill anyone.

RamRide is a weekend program offered by the ASCSU office at CSU. The program offers safe rides home for those who may have had too much to drink. Karl La Borde did have a partner who was in the car with him.  The ‘navigator’ was not taken to jail.

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