Feb 042013

Author: Nicole Beale

We have all heard the ‘starving college student’ stereotype a time or two, but it’s only funny because it is true for most of us. For those who have somebody special this year, but a not a special sum of money to spend, no need to fear. There are options that won’t break the bank.

Any good date begins with a good meal. Remember, this is Valentine’s Day and nothing is more romantic than a good cook. Start out the perfect date with your sweetie by cooking them something delectable. As long as you put you heart into it and make it with love, they will enjoy it.

If the first thing that came to your mind is PB&J, consider looking up some recipes. Anyone can spruce up a dining area by setting a table and adding a few candles or flower petals. It is the details that count. Dessert has always been very closely related to Valentine’s Day. Come up with a clever dessert, such as ice cream topped with crushed candy hearts.

After you have progressed through the meal, you’re ready for some romantic fun. There are cheap options to take care of the situation. Ice skating is open at Fort Fun and costs only $10 for two people. Another option is the discount movie theater, AMC Cinema Saver 6. They feature movies that have been in theaters for some time and sell tickets for $3 each. This is such a score, as it’s less than half the cost of a ticket anywhere else in town. Beware that drinks are more expensive than the tickets.  Also being featured special for Valentine’s day is Jimkata, an electro-rock band, blending heavy beats, syn-thy hooks, and big guitars to create music with both modern and timeless appeal. Just for Valentine’s Day they will be playing at the Aggie for free. Nothing is better than a free date on Valentine’s Day when you have a tight budget. Hold your sweetheart close as you groove courtesy of Jimkata.

What you choose is up to you and your Valentine. There are ways to woo your loved one and not go bankrupt at the same time. Any one of these options is guaranteed to be a good time and not break the bank. How the rest of the date goes is up to you.

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