Feb 042013

Author: Jack Krause

With the upcoming lovelorn holiday that reaffirms couple’s love and devastates the single’s heart, we all haven’t a clue as to what to get our significant others, be it a love or a love for oneself. Here are some ideas on what you should steer away from and move towards while navigating this tricky time of year.

Get it like its hot.

  1. Chocolates – Can’t go wrong with this cliched gift; everyone who loves anything loves chocolate. In case of allergies though, they sell various allergen free chocolate delights.
  2. Flowers- Still cliched, but it isn’t going to break the bank, and its going to make your lover swoon.
  3. Poetry- Now this gift can be made or commissioned, but regardless of the author, nothing says “I value your existence” like some words that rhyme together.
  4. Date Night- While this can be expensive, the investment usually can justify the end. Standard date package is dinner, dessert, and a show.
  5. A playful joke- Now this one can backfire on you, in case you don’t have a significant other with a sense of humor, have the flowers and chocolates on stand-by.
  6. Adventure- Now I know what you may be thinking, how does one give adventure? Just go out and plan a day of sightseeing and cheap fun all over town; they’ll love you for it.
  7. “A day-off”- Everyone could use a day off from responsibility, so make plans to let your other half sleep the day away, eat what they want, and just relax. It’s probably one of the best gifts you can give.
  8. The Vintage Homemade- Nothing says I love you like a prepackaged box of candy, but if you want to join the major league of love, you’re going to have to shell out your time instead of money. Make them something they will keep forever. Just make sure it doesn’t easily burn, because if your relationship goes south, you don’t want them to be able to easily destroy it.
  9. Music- This one may seem broad, but if you have any inkling of musical talent, learn their favorite song and play it to them under candlelight.
  10. If all else fails, go look at their Pinterest or Esty pages. It is literally a list of things your significant other wants.

Avoid like an ex during flu season.

  1. Elaborate and consistent pranks- Seriously, one is funny, two is pushing it, three is you punching your single card. Its Valentine’s Day, not April first.
  2. “Protection” – Nothing is more romantic than handing your loved one a thin piece of rubber. Seriously, you’re a modern day Casanova.
  3. Anything in a D-I-Y kit- Don’t buy your lover a kit for them to do unless its something they love. It’s like buying someone an obligation.
  4. Any movie or concert only you want to see- You will hear complaining, and you will learn to hate what you once loved.
  5. Fast-food date night- Just don’t.
  6. Anything that is an implication- This is the time of year that we see news headlines talking about that person who bought their loved one a weight scale, and how their body was just found.
  7. Cheap Jewelery- its the lazy-man’s cliche. Last minute shopping leading to long-hour regret.
  8. The Twilight Book series- If you’re a guy, this one makes sense. Don’t need any mythological sparkly men distracting your lady. If you’re a girl, well… I’m sorry honey, but you may have bigger problems then just figuring out a V-day gift.
  9. Any plant that isn’t a flower- Nothing says I love you more like a potted plant or better yet, a cactus.
  10. Seriously, just look at the Pinterest or Etsy boards. It will save you time and embarrassment.

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