Women expand College of Engineering

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Jan 302013

Author: Lena Howland


5 years ago, the College of Engineering at CSU founded the Student Ambassador Program.

The Ambassadors are responsible for calling prospective students, taking them on tours, and coordinating engineering recruitment events.

Since then, their numbers of enrollment have increased by 39%.

The Student Ambassador Program has an equal amount of male and female ambassadors to provide each prospective student with a personalized view of CSU.

The enrollment numbers of women in the College of Engineering have increased by 97% since this program was established.

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CTV News for Tuesday January 29, 2013

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Jan 292013

Author: Lena Howland


Keith Albertson and Lean Howland give the latest updates happening on campus and in Colorado.  Lena Howland reports on the recent CSU graduation certificate controversy and how it could effect students.  Keith Albertson gives the inside scope on the Great Colorado Pie Fight over the weekend.  Austin Harley serves up your weather for the week.  And our sports reporter Riley Adams updates us on the recent addition of the woman’s soccer team.  All that and more here on CTV.

RamRise: January 30, 2013

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Jan 292013

Author: Lena Howland


Forecast for January 30, 2013. Ski Resorts in the High Country saw over a foot of snow. Temperatures over the next few days will be freezing. A warmup can be expected this weekend. Forecast by CTV Weather’s Austin Harley.

Fort Collins Pizza Palooza

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Jan 292013

Author: Keith Albertson

Fort Collins held its first annual Pizza Palooza to name the best pizza in Northern Colorado. There were 10 Pizza places that attended the event that was sponsored by Townsquare Media. The winning Pizzerias were The Garlic Knot and Falbo Brothers, and each received $6000 in radio advertising.
There was a pizza-eating contest between radio Disc Jockeys which was won by Beano of 99.9 The Point.


CTV Sports: January 28th, 2013

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Jan 282013

Author: Andrew Rodriguez


CTV Sports comes back with its first show of the Spring 2013 Semester.  We cover your sports news, bring back “in case you missed it”, and give you the 7 day weather forecast.

Certificate program under revision

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Jan 282013

Author: Lena Howland


Students who are taking classes to complete a certificate program of a specific study are having to rethink what that actually means.

On Monday, the department of education issued a statement saying, “The Colorado Department of Higher Education is not aware of any Colorado public institution of higher education offering certificates in violation of state statute.  Two-year institutions have statutory authority to offer certificates and associate’s degrees.  CSU has statutory authority to offer bachelor’s and graduate degrees.”

This means that instructors and advisors can no longer use the term certificate.

“What we were trying to do was to identify when it was appropriate to use the word ‘certificate’ in a communication to students that might look formal as opposed to actually being formal… and in those areas where it literally was a formal credential,” said Vice Provost of Undergraduate Affairs at CSU, Alan Lamborn.

These certificates have never officially been on transcripts and have been labeled as resume builders to some schools.  Departments are now in the process of renaming these so-called certificate so that they can be placed on transcripts.  “Emphasis” is one word they’re considering using to modify this.

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Colorado State Adds D1 Women’s Soccer Program

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Jan 282013

Author: Riley Adams


CSU Athletic Director, Jack Graham announces women’s waterpolo will be dropped at the end of this season and Division 1 women’s soccer will take its’ place. CSU was the only Mountain West institution and only one of 16 NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 schools in the state of Colorado that did not sponsor a varsity women’s soccer program.
D1 soccer will begin to compete in the Mountain West Conference in the Fall of 2013 and CSU will begin a nationwide search for a head coach. There will be open tryouts for walk ons and current club players for this new team.
Maya Neam, Maggie Sherman and Natalie Hourigan, all CSU women club soccer players gave their input on this new addition to CSU athletics.

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BREAKING: State law prohibits undergraduate certificates

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Jan 282013

Author: Dillon Thomas

UPDATE: January 28, 2013 3:30pm

Colorado State University is not currently violating State Law.  The University does not print or acknowledge the term ‘certificate’ on undergraduate transcripts. The CSU College of Business does, however, offer the following information on their website about their ‘Undergraduate Certificate Program”:

“While not an official academic program, certificates provide an additional knowledge based and enhance your resume.”


Colorado State University Provost Rick Miranda received a statement from Ian K. Macgillivray on January 22, discussing the University’s stance on undergraduate certificates.  The University currently recognizes undergraduate certificates for students looking to maintain a ‘specialty’ in a desired field.  However, according to Colorado State Law, a ‘certificate’ is only obtainable by those in the post-graduate department.

In the letter to Miranda, Macgillivray acknowledges that CSU should recognize focuses within colleges as an ’emphasis’, rather than recognizing it as a certificate.

“…CSU faculty should not take it upon themselves to print up and essentially ‘offer’ certificates on their own. If CSU wants to indicate on transcripts or other documents that students completed an emphasis area within a baccalaureate degree, CSU should use the word ’emphasis’ or some other designation, but may not use the word ‘certificate.’”

CSU will still offer certificate programs for graduate students.  According to Miranda, those earned certificates will only be awarded through University approved course compilations.

“While CSU may not offer certificates at the undergraduate level, CSU’s statutory role and mission permits it to offer “Graduate Certificates” for a series of graduate courses taken by post- baccalaureate students (whether or not those students are concurrently matriculated in a graduate degree program). Such graduate certificates may be offered for a designated series of graduate- level courses that have been reviewed and approved through CSU’s normal curricular review processes.”

Click “Certificate” to read the full release.

Stay tuned to the networks of CTV11 and the Rocky Mountain Collegian for more updates as they are made available.

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CSU Men’s Basketball Gets First Conference Road Win of the Season

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Jan 282013

Author: Ryan Greene


After a disappointing road loss to #15 New Mexico last Wednesday, the Rams were able to travel to Fresno State and win decisively.

The game was a team effort, with all five of their starters scoring in double digits. Dorian Green led the scoring with 17 points. Colton Iverson had a relatively quiet game, but still managed to have a double-double, with 11 points and 13 rebounds.

It had been nearly two months since CSU won a game on the road. Despite having won their last 24 games in a row at Moby (4th best current home winning streak in the nation), the Rams were only 2-4 in road games this season before heading to Fresno.

But not winning on the road hasn’t meant they have not been competitive in these games. On January 12th, the Rams took the 16th ranked San Diego State Aztecs into overtime before losing. When the Rams travelled to play #15 UNM last week, the Rams only lost by 5, despite having possibly their worst shooting in any game this season. The Rams only made a little more than half of their free throws, while shooting only 37% from the field.

Against Fresno however, the Rams made 85% of their free throws. Colton Iverson missed the majority of those free throws; the four other starters only missed one free throw the entire game.

The Rams also shot 44% from the field, numbers that the Rams are more familiar with this season.

The next game for the Rams should be a much tougher test than the last place Fresno State Bulldogs. The Boise State Broncos come into Moby on Wednesday, with a 14-5 record. However, the Rams maybe catching the Broncos in the middle of a slump; the Broncos have won only one of their last four games. If the Rams play like they normally do at Moby, they should not have much trouble with the Broncos.

Be sure to cheer on your Rams on Wednesday at Moby at 7PM.


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Valentine’s Day gift guide: 8 ways to make your Valentine’s Day special

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Jan 262013

Author: Hannah Woolums

Many couples have a hard time giving that perfect gift to their significant other. As Valentine’s Day draws near couples everywhere are looking for that memorable gift. But, let’s face it, as college students, money isn’t the most abundant luxury at this point, and it can be a struggle to give something meaningful if you don’t have the money to spend. Here are eight fun and unique ways to celebrate your Valentine’s Day and give a gift that your partner will never forget.

1)      Homemade craft- Not every gift has to be expensive, a lot of what people love most is what comes from the heart. Take some time out and get crafty, showing your significant other just how much they mean to you.

2)      14 things you love- One of the best things someone can hear is why you love them or why they are special to you. This Valentine’s Day give your significant other the things about them that you love most. Since Valentine’s Day is on Feb. 14 give them 14 reasons why they mean so much to you. Have fun; you don’t have to make it all serious. This is a perfect way to give them a meaningful gift without breaking the bank.

3)      Cook dinner- Everyone has heard the saying, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, so this Valentine’s Day create a romantic dinner for just the two of you. Light some candles and cook his favorite meal, or for guys looking to impress their girl, change it up and plan a romantic evening for her.

4)      Framed picture- Although it may seem like a small gesture, frame one of your favorite pictures of you and your significant other together. This is something that will be treasured for a long time and shows that you are committed to your relationship. If you can’t pick just one, make a collage to commemorate all of the fun times you have had as a couple.

5)      14 little presents- If you can’t decide what to get your partner, think about the little things day to day that make them happy. Hide them in places where they can find them throughout the day, and make it simple. It can be their favorite candy, movie, or even a note reminding them of how much you love them.

6)      Trip to the Spa- Guys, if you are looking for that special something for your girl, then get her a day at the spa. With the start of the semester, stress is almost unavoidable, so make sure she has a way to unwind and relax. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, even a manicure or pedicure would be perfect for a relaxing day.

7)      Romantic home date- There is nothing more special than spending time with the one you love, but when you go out that time can get interrupted. For this holiday, plan a night at home. You can make it different themes, like a movie theater night. Get them specialized popcorn holders and all of their favorite toppings.  Dim the lights and enjoy your favorite films in the comfort of your own home.

8)      Get out of town-  Plan a time for both of you where you can go out and do your own thing. Give your partner the gift of spending time with you. Go on a winter hike or head up to the slopes. This will give you a romantic getaway that the two of you can enjoy together.