Jan 302013

Author: Lena Howland


Roughly 15 trains a day barrel down the mason corridor and the required one hundred decibel blast from their horns can be a nuisance to those living and working in the area.  With the development of MAX bus transport the city of Fort Collins has been making plans to silence the train horns in the city.  The current Federal Railroad Administration regulations mandate that the horns be between 96 and 105 decibels and sound for 15 seconds when crossing an intersection.  Since 2005 the city of Fort Collins have been researching and making plans for the development of quit zones, which are areas that the train doesn’t blow it’s horn provided the required safety accommodations are met.  These safety requirements include a four quadrant gate, a raised medium, and a wayside horn.  The project is estimated to cost 5-6 million and currently no funding source.  U.S. Senators Micheal Bennet and Mark Udall, however, are asking regulators to reconsider the rules.  Currently the project is in delay, waiting for approval, but regardless of the obstacles city leaders still strive forward with the community in mind.

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