Jan 282013

Author: Lena Howland


Students who are taking classes to complete a certificate program of a specific study are having to rethink what that actually means.

On Monday, the department of education issued a statement saying, “The Colorado Department of Higher Education is not aware of any Colorado public institution of higher education offering certificates in violation of state statute.  Two-year institutions have statutory authority to offer certificates and associate’s degrees.  CSU has statutory authority to offer bachelor’s and graduate degrees.”

This means that instructors and advisors can no longer use the term certificate.

“What we were trying to do was to identify when it was appropriate to use the word ‘certificate’ in a communication to students that might look formal as opposed to actually being formal… and in those areas where it literally was a formal credential,” said Vice Provost of Undergraduate Affairs at CSU, Alan Lamborn.

These certificates have never officially been on transcripts and have been labeled as resume builders to some schools.  Departments are now in the process of renaming these so-called certificate so that they can be placed on transcripts.  “Emphasis” is one word they’re considering using to modify this.

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