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Author: Dillon Thomas

UPDATE: January 28, 2013 3:30pm

Colorado State University is not currently violating State Law.  The University does not print or acknowledge the term ‘certificate’ on undergraduate transcripts. The CSU College of Business does, however, offer the following information on their website about their ‘Undergraduate Certificate Program”:

“While not an official academic program, certificates provide an additional knowledge based and enhance your resume.”


Colorado State University Provost Rick Miranda received a statement from Ian K. Macgillivray on January 22, discussing the University’s stance on undergraduate certificates.  The University currently recognizes undergraduate certificates for students looking to maintain a ‘specialty’ in a desired field.  However, according to Colorado State Law, a ‘certificate’ is only obtainable by those in the post-graduate department.

In the letter to Miranda, Macgillivray acknowledges that CSU should recognize focuses within colleges as an ’emphasis’, rather than recognizing it as a certificate.

“…CSU faculty should not take it upon themselves to print up and essentially ‘offer’ certificates on their own. If CSU wants to indicate on transcripts or other documents that students completed an emphasis area within a baccalaureate degree, CSU should use the word ’emphasis’ or some other designation, but may not use the word ‘certificate.’”

CSU will still offer certificate programs for graduate students.  According to Miranda, those earned certificates will only be awarded through University approved course compilations.

“While CSU may not offer certificates at the undergraduate level, CSU’s statutory role and mission permits it to offer “Graduate Certificates” for a series of graduate courses taken by post- baccalaureate students (whether or not those students are concurrently matriculated in a graduate degree program). Such graduate certificates may be offered for a designated series of graduate- level courses that have been reviewed and approved through CSU’s normal curricular review processes.”

Click “Certificate” to read the full release.

Stay tuned to the networks of CTV11 and the Rocky Mountain Collegian for more updates as they are made available.

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