Dec 072012

Author: Cassandra Whelihan



The snow falls, blanketing everything in its path in a white clothe. Suddenly, even the oldest buildings or the dirtiest streets take on an enchanting quality about them.

What is it about snow that gives the places it touches a new air about them? What would the reflection of God be in the snow?

To look at it in the eyes of a higher power, I might first note the truth that each snowflake is unique; individual to itself and never to be replicated.

Secondly, when the snow begins to fall, it is as if all falls silent. An atmosphere of hush falls around us: tranquil and serene. The stillness is a factor that invites us to recollect all the higher things in life.

The purity symbolized by the white snow is also intriguing. Without the filth in the panorama, the transparency becomes eye-opening to wonders so easily disregarded on a daily basis.

Not only does the snow symbolize purity but also innocent beauty. Coating branches, parks, houses and lakes in its shimmering hope.

According to Christine Fitzgerald, when one remembers that God, Allah or whichever deity you believe in, is the author of all creation, and has filled our world with beautiful secrets then everything becomes an exciting quest.

We know with certainty that if we open our eyes to view creation with an open mind and allow it to open our hearts, what we find will be awe-inspiring. Simply the wonders of nature are enough to strike up thought within one’s mind.


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