Nov 302012

Author: Wayne Stafford


Sydney, the Corgi dog, has suffered and rose above a great deal of hardship in the past few months.  Diagnosed with Sick Sinus Syndrome and suffering from Canine Cranial Vena Caval Syndrome, Sydney, is currently recovering from a never been performed before open heart surgery on her pacemaker at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  Sydney’s owner, Michele Kilbourne, was relieved to hear the good news that Sydney’s condition had improved and her blood clot had dissipated.  The expenses for Sydney’s surgeries have nearly all been paid for, not by Kilbourne, but by the Corgi dog owning community from across the world, calling themselves the Corgi Nation.  Their Facebook page and websites like were able to fundraise enough  money to cover Sydney’s medical expenses and also sent a total of 65 of ‘get well soon’ cards to Kilbourne, Sydney and Dr. Orton, the CSU VTH doctor who performed the surgery.  Kilbourne says that all the money raised that exceeds Sydneys medical expenses will be paid forward for the next Corgi in need of help.  CTV reporter Wayne Stafford has the story.

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  1. Beautiful….Thank you Wayne! I am still so happy you got the inspiration to do this report on my sweet Sydney. One correction: it is (CEO Paige K. Davis) that takes on the story and task of helping corgis in need. Thank you again!

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