Nov 272012

Author: Jack Krause

About two weeks ago, the Def Poetry contestant and Youth Speaks Grand Slam Poetry Champion, George Watsky, came to the Aggie Theater here in Fort Collins and left the crowd speechless at the end of his hour and a half long set. With him, he brought along rapper A-1, and they both filled the venue with energy. While most people who went are long-term diehard fans, the unlistened in the crowd still loved the music and the poetry. By combining humor and relatability to each of the verses, they were able to keep the crowd entertained for the practically four hour long set.

A concert highlight was when Watsky pulled a girl up on to stage, and performed his song “Kidnap your Boyfriend” while her actual boyfriend stayed in the audience and jokingly glared at the awkward courtship. Both Watksy and A-1 stayed after to talk to fans and sign personal messages to anyone who asked. They were kind and respectable people which seems to be such a rare commodity in the rap community, and for that the concert will linger with its fans for a long time.

For those who don’t know Watsky, he is a slam poet artist who has performed on Ellen and taken part in several of the Epic Rap Battles of History.

You can find his YouTube page here.

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