Nov 272012

Author: ilanigan

[youtube][/youtube]Students who stay in the dorms over fall break are thankful to Ed (Gator) Gatewood for making thanksgiving dinner possible. Many students express how this opportunity makes them feel closer to home while another student is simply glad to enjoy, for the first time ever, a thanksgiving meal. Ed Gatewood is fully appreciated for his effforts. However, Ed will be retiring; so later Gater and thanks for all you’ve done. Additionally, the weather is on the warmer side for winter and snowboarding and skiing fans are concerned about what may or may not be a good season. Fortunately, there is still time for it to snow. Heat or no heat everyone enjoys a good eat, so have a seat at Aspen Grille! One student, Ashley Wray, talks about her experience working at the restaurant located on campus in the Lory Student Center. It provides her with tools she will need to go out into the working world. The restaurant is local and considered to be “Green.”

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