Nov 262012

Author: Jack Krause

We’ve all been there before. January first, groggy feeling and a “Hangover-esque” attempt to figure out what we did the night before. Some regrets, some things we wish we could remember, but all can be solved easily by following these rules.

  1. Groups are good
    • There is safety in numbers, at least when it comes to New Year’s Eve. You’re going to celebrate however you do, but you can at least give yourself the assurance that whatever happens, you’re not alone. People who go in groups they know are likely to drink less and regret less.
  2. Know your limit
    • Alcohol affects everyone different, but you can keep your head above the proverbial spirits by counting your drinks and giving yourself a predated cut-off. You’ll thank yourself when you can remember the good times, and when you don’t wake up with one of those classic morning-after headaches.
  3. Home-made, self-brought
    • If you make your own drinks you’ll know exactly what is going into them. You’ll know whats going to happen, how you’ll feel, and when you need to cool down.
  4. Charge it
    • Always charge your cellphone before you head out, if things get shaky, you’ll know you have a way of contacting someone who can help.
  5. Back it up
    • Before you head out, make sure you give yourself a couple back-up plans in case a driver isn’t capable anymore. Bring extra cash for a taxi, save the RamRide number in your phone, and map everything out. Going into things blind is a good way to end up actually blind.

With all this, you’ll be ready to ring in the new year on the right note. Stay relatively classy, Rams.

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