Nov 142012

Author: Kelsey Peterson


Part of the 6% of Colorado State University’s ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Core) who is female, Caitlin Lozano yields a unique perspective. She is continually proving herself and fighting to be treated like one of the boys. Three mornings a week Lozano is up training by 6 a.m. in order to prepare for her PT (physical fitness) test. This includes two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups, and a two-mile run. The standards are different for females and males. Females must complete a minimum of 18 push-ups, 52 sit-ups, and run two miles under 18:54. Males must complete a minimum of 42 push-ups, 52 sit-ups, and run two miles in under 15:54. Lozano believes the standards are fair because it’s all proportional, but she can pass the male PT standards. She exceeds the standards required of her and though treated differently than her male comrades, in her mind gender isn’t a factor.

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