Nov 092012

Author: Cassandra Whelihan

Creativity is at the heart of snow sports. Its common knowledge that making it down the mountain in a unique manner gets you major bonus points.

The mountains are home to all sorts of weird riding techniques where style and flare are highly encouraged.

Having worked at a resort, I’ve witnessed people of all types in costumes embracing their inner Gaga on the slopes. Everything from bunnies and intense camouflage to Pocahontas, you name it; I’ve probably witnessed it.

Yes, I have even watched a bride and groom take their first shred as a married couple decked out in wedding attire with their camera crew ensue.

It must be something in the air, but people are definitely letting their freak flags fly high.

Maybe the mountains help reawaken forgotten dreams; Halloween-like dreams of course. Where even the most established, professional people can get down with their free-spirited side.

Regardless of the reasons, I support these innovative peoples ability to laugh at life and more importantly, themselves.

It sure made my job enjoyable and reinforced my enthusiasm for the human spirit.

So this one is for all you love-lifers and snow-goers out there. Keep it weird ya’ll!

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