Nov 042012

Author: Nicole Beale

The Aggie Theater. Photo by Logan Martinez

The Aggie has been in the entertainment business for over a hundred years, but not always as a concert venue. The Aggie was originally a movie theater before it was converted into what we know it as today. Fort Collins is becoming quite the hotspot for artists on the hit-parade through Colorado. With the Aggie offering two bars, delicate acoustics, great acts and sometimes live art, it couldn’t get much better for students.

The Aggie is located about two miles away from campus making it convenient for many students. Colorado State University freshman and music connoisseur Juliana Cullen enjoys coming to the Aggie regularly.

“The Aggie is the biggest venue around, which draws in big acts along with local acts, which brings in all sorts of people,” Cullen said. “Since it is close enough to walk or bike to it’s an easy trip to make on the regular.”

Cullen also said she enjoys the party atmosphere that the Aggie offers.

Aggie manager Kyle Stych said he works hard to get the bands that people want to hear up in Fort Collins. More than 50 percent of the bands that come through the Aggie are local to Colorado.

“If people will come to see it then well have it. We’re in the business of selling tickets,” Stych said. “While we like to appeal to all audiences, we do target the generation that’s prominent around our area, a primary age of 18 to 32.”

The music scene in Fort Collins is thriving and the Aggie promises to keep the music flowing.  With many great shows to offer, there’s a little something for everyone no matter what you’re into.

“We try to get every type of music in here that people will listen to,” Stych said. “While dubstep is beginning to decline in popularity, hip-hop is still strong and funk will always be funk. Down-tempo is one genre that is really on the rise”.

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