Nov 022012

Author: Allison LeCain

November is upon us, which means it’s time to throw away those razors and let your facial hair hang low.

To all those manly men out there that are brave enough to withstand the challenge that is no-shave November, it is important to decide what type of facial hair you will conquer. Some men can pull off the full-on beard; some can only grow a little caterpillar above their lip.

No matter what hair growing abilities you may have, there is a facial hair style that is right for you.


English: My friend in his sweet beard

The Lumberjack

For those of you that are physically able to grow a full-faced beard, The Lumberjack is the right style for you. Many men are not able to pull this is off, so if you can grow it, show it! The ladies will be impressed with your manly hair (this is Colorado, people) and the extra layer will keep your face nice and toasty for the cold winter to come. The Lumberjack also requires the least amount of maintenance out of all possible facial hair options, holding true to the no shaving rule of November. You literally just let it grow, no trimming or grooming necessary. You also might want to invest in a plaid shirt.




The Ladies ManSide goatee!

If the hair on your cheeks appears a bit patchy, go for The Ladies Man look. This is more of a goatee style that looks snazzy and sleek.  It keeps your cheeks smooth, making the ladies want to come and touch. The Ladies Man requires a bit of upkeep, as you must shave off the patches that may appear on your cheeks after a few days, but still proves to be an overall laid-back look that will drive the women wild. Side effects may include appearing older and more dignified looking. Pair it will a fedora and you may have the honeys flocking your way.




English: Man with short, dark mustache.The Caterpillar

Some men are not as well endowed with hair, making a beard nearly impossible to grow. Never fear, for there is still a facial hair style out there for you.  The Caterpillar consists of a simple mustache, perched delicately above your lip. This classy look has been in style for centuries, so why not give it a try? It requires a bit of trimming and shaving any patches that form outside the lines. You may want to buy a mustache comb to ensure that you and your new facial hair always look dapper.

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