Nov 022012

Author: Cassandra Whelihan


I cannot be the only person who seeks to ditch the norm of a nine to five desk job. The thought of being stuck indoors day-after-day while the seasons change around you, going unnoticed except for the brief morning commute, simply will not suffice.

Luckily, there are always options in life. So what careers exist for the wanderlust souls?

1)   Heli-ski Guide: What’s more exuberating then flying and hitting some of the most epic untracked steeps in desolately, breathtaking places such as Alaska? Of course you’ll have to be trained in avalanche courses, first aid and mountain guiding, but that will be well worth it when you’re the only soul in sight for miles.

2)   Photographer: You’ll need to have an eye and passion for the industry. Owning your own equipment and being familiar with editing software is also important to breaking out as a freelance photographer. “It’s absolutely incredible to get paid to travel and ski the most incredible places on earth,” said Ian Coble, a self-taught photographer who has shot editorial spreads for ESPN, Backcountry, Powder, Skiing, and more.

3)   Ski Resort Social Media Manager: Duties consist of updating websites, skiing, checking twitter, skiing, meeting professional athletes, skiing… you catch my drift? A job where people work hard and ski harder… where do I sign up?

4)   Ski shop employee: You may be taking a pay cut on this one; however, the discounts on gear and free mountain pass could quite possibly make amends. I’d recommend picking an epic resort to work at such as Jackson Hole, Wyoming or Park City, Utah.

The opportunities in this field are endless.

This industry is forever evolving and will always be driven by creative minds. Take a leap of faith into the wintery unknown; it just might become the best decision of your life.

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