Candidate Contrast: Women’s Rights

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Oct 242012

Author: Sean Korbitz


Candidate Contrast Episode 4: Women’s Issues
Produced By: Sean Korbitz & Kate Winkle
Original Article By: Kate Winkle

With only 13 days until this years election…

Our top scary movies to watch on Halloween

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Oct 242012

Author: Melanie Rose


Have you been wondering what scary movies to watch on the spooky night of Halloween? Well Melanie Rose and Ryan Greene are in Halloween spirit this week and are getting you ready to pick the best thrillers out there. From old movies like the Exorcist, to brand new thrillers such as Sinister, Melanie and Ryan fill you in on which movies scare them the most on this weeks Celebrity Countdown.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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Oct 242012

Author: ilanigan
CSU Statistics Professor Rick Gumina was pronounced dead on Monday. He was said to have been likable and known for making statistics animated and fun. Additionally, Halloween is just around the corner. Events such as the Do Drag Do Tell and Zombie Crawl are an exciting start to the festivities. The weather this week is cooling down and it may even snow. Temperatures should be back up in the 50’s again by next Wednesday just in time for Halloween.

Tech Talk: CSU entrepreneur recycles smartphones

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Oct 242012

Author: Lena Howland

[youtube][/youtube]With the smartphone industry rapidly expanding, one Colorado State senior is taking advantage of old phones.

Brennan Zelener founded Newaya Recycling two years ago and in 2011 alone, he raked in a total of $30,000 in revenue.

This year, he is hoping to see his company’s annual revenue surpass $50,000.

He purchases old smartphones from local Fort Collins residents and businesses, wipes any data off the phones, and sells the phones internationally for a 30% profit.

Zelener is hoping to graduate from CSU in the spring of 2013.

CSU Study Says Music Affects Shelter Dogs

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Oct 242012

Author: Tom Mullen


Mozart or Motorhead. Which do you think your dog would prefer?

A recent study by CSU Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Professor, Lori Kogan, shows that classical music is more calming to dogs in shelters than heavy metal and other types of music. CTV11 reporter Tom Mullen has the story.

Update on arrest made in Jessica Ridgeway case

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Oct 242012

Author: Katie Spencer

UPDATE: Sigg appeared in court Thursday morning for the first time. He is to be tried as an adult and is being held without bond. Sigg’s family was in the courthouse for the initial hearing as well as Jessica’s family. Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey is reporting overwhelming evidence against Sigg.

Police say they have made an arrest in the abduction and murder of  Jessica Ridgeway. Austin Reed Sigg, a 17-year-old from Westminster has been arrested and has five charges pending including two charges of murder in the first degree. Sigg is a student at Arapahoe Community College. Police can’t confirm if DNA was a factor in this case yet. They also can’t confirm how he was turned in, although there are rumors that his mother turned him in. Westminster Police Chief Lee Birk said this is a, “significant step for justice for Jessica.” Police wanted to thank the community for the continued support in the investigation. Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey said this arrest will hopefully, “cause the community to rest easier.” Jessica’s family has been notified of the arrest.  Police say the investigation is ongoing even though this arrest has been made. Sigg’s first court appearance is scheduled for Thursday morning at 8. Stay tuned to CTV for further updates.


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Souled Out: Up, up & down, a snowriders guide

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Oct 242012

Author: Cassandra Whelihan


The Snowriders at Colorado State University are dedicated to getting you to the mountains for some much-needed mountain time.

So much in fact, that we have planned our first day trip before the snows started falling.

Saturday, October 27th, join us for a day of fun and shredding at A-basin.

We have rented three vans that fit roughly 12 people each. For members, the cost is only $15; non-members pay $20,

Sign up today during our office hours in the sunken lounge in the Lory Student Center.

As for upcoming trips, Jackson Hole is happening January 3rd-8th, 2013. For the low price of $620, the trip includes transportation to and from Jackson and the mountain, lift tickets, lodging, sustenance and beer. If you are an avid snow goer, you do not want to miss out on this trip.

People have already started putting their deposit down so get saving! A $100 down payment can be made online through our website to reserve your spot. Bless the hole, let’s get weird!

Currently, we are trying to plan a trip to the Winter X-games January 25th-27th, 2013. We are looking to rent a house for up to 15 members. Check back for updates and details soon!

As for spring semester, we throw down for a spring break house, movie premieres, day trips and socials. Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean we can’t follow the snow!

Check out or website and Facebook page to stay updated on our events:

Snowriders Facebook

Snowriders Homepage

RamRise: Morning Weather Update 10/24

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Oct 242012

Author: Ashley Wallinger


A cold front is moving in today, so temperatures will be much lower than they have been. The sun will be out for the early part of the day and it will get cloudier into the afternoon and evening as the front approaches. Snow and rain showers will be in the area by tonight.

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CTV Sports: In Case You Missed It 10-22-12

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Oct 232012

Author: Ryan Greene



A 67 yard field goal….from a high schooler? A Russian goes up against a frozen pool, and one unfortunate logo placement, all in this weeks edition of In Case You Missed It. Also a special appearance by CSU’s FUm Song!

CTV Let’s Talk Sports

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Oct 232012

Author: Ryan Greene


KCSU’s Megan Connor joins CTV’s Scott Huston and Ryan Hillman to talk about some of the biggest stories on and off campus. How far will CSU’s Volleyball team go? How are the Broncos going to finish the season? Is Lance Armstrong getting what he deserves? These three weigh in.