Oct 312012

Author: Hannah Woolums

The ordering counter at Pizza Casbah, located on Laurel Street just east of campus. Photo by Logan Martinez.

The locally owned restaurant Pizza Casbah is not a new name as a winner of the Best of CSU. Their prime location, deals, and  unique New York style pizza has helped them gain their popularity.

Pizza Casbah won this same award from 2003 through 2009, and since then have been making improvements to their restaurant to reclaim their title.

“In the last few years we have been doing everything to make sure our pizza is good, but also consistent,” said Steve Hickey, general manager at Pizza Casbah. ” We have also increased our drink menu and our tea and draft items responding to feedback from the public.”

A major factor that sets this New York style pizzeria apart from the others is that it is locally owned and the owner himself grew up in Fort Collins. Along with being local, they are able to have better products as compared to corporate restaurants.

“Something that sets us apart is that we are locally owned and operated, and the owner has lived here his whole life. We do compete with the big guys, and we try not to compete with the other local guys,” Hickey said. “Our product quality is also going to be better than the ones found in corporate places. Let’s say we are going to have better cheese, fresher dough, fresh hand chopped ingredients. We cook all of our meats here each day, and little things like that go a long way.”

What makes Pizza Casbah different is that they also have the advantage of being settled in a prime location. They are close to old town, which enables them to reach out to the whole town. Their easy going and hardworking staff also attract a lot of attention.

Pizza Casbah’s front window, displaying their accomplishment of being featured on the Food Network. Photo by Logan Martinez.

“Our location could not be any better, in between old town and CSU, we get the whole town. We like to have fun around here, and our employees to have fun,” Hickey said. “When people come in here and eat, and they see a staff that enjoys themselves and that is still able to turn out quality product every day, I think that’s one way to make folks want to come back.”

For sophomore communications major Jessi Follett, the title of Best of CSU is rightfully deserved due to their debut on The Food Network and their great flavors.

“What I think makes them unique from other places is that they have really good flavor and nice crust,” said Follett. “It is a memorable place because it feels special since it has been on the Food Network.”

With their eighth winning of the Best of CSU, Pizza Casbah has made many improvements to set themselves apart from other local and corporate chains. They work hard to listen and take into consideration the feedback from their customers and help them get deals along with great food that keeps them coming back for more.

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