Oct 262012

Author: Cassandra Whelihan

Emerging in the 60s, snowboarding has since gained global recognition as one of the top soul sports. Tom Sims, Jake Burton and Chuck Barfoot, to name a few, are the original brains behind the art of “shredding the rad.”

Personally, I cannot recall the exact date it occurred; my childhood is a blur of snow-covered memories.

Aside from the obvious reasons, there is something truly rejuvenating about spending days at a time outside in the bitter cold. A sparked vitality and awakened soul are just a few of the side effects likely to emerge from a blue-bird day.  Nonetheless, there’s more than meets the eye for this glorious passion.

Snowboarding is all-encompassing: The natural beauty, the people you encounter, the trails you blaze, the laughter, passion, the freedom of expression and style, like-minded souls, hilarious wipe-outs, random chairlift conversations, the young and the old, all coming together.

I have met some of the most inspiring and bad-ass people while on the mountainside. From an old man who used to wrestle crocodiles to an eighty year-old woman who told me, “I’ll be damned if my grandkids think they’re going to out ski me!” People from all walks of life who concur on one thing: the art of snow sports.

My inner snow goddess simply cannot get enough of rocketing down powder drenched mountainsides.

Every ski day is an unknown adventure waiting to be explored. Every person you encounter has a story. Every trail you ride has a message.

A wise man once said, “Many people attach snowboards to their feet, but very few attach them to their soul.”  I am one of the few, the proud, the soul rider.

Visionary Tom Sims life is highlighted by ESPN: He was a visionary and pioneer for this industry. A truly influential mind for snowboarding and skateboarding. Rest in Peace.

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